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Headshot image of Adrian Gonzalez

ENSCI Student Participates in Professional Project With Santa Clara County

Adrian Gonzalez, a current Environmental Science master's student, recently completed an internship with Santa Clara County Department of Agriculture as part of his Professional Science Master's (PSM) project. As a PSM student, Adrian was tasked with developing a rigorous 400 hour internship alongside his internship supervisor that helped employ the skills he has gained in the classroom.

Connies stands with research equipment on a wooden bridge above a small stream

ENSCI Graduate Student Conducts Thesis Research on Soil Microbes

Connie Machuca, a current graduate student in the Environmental Science master's program (ENSCI), has been working on her thesis project over the past year. As a thesis student in Dr. Nathaniel Jue's lab, Connie is focusing her research on soil microbes found in a bioreactor system in Salinas, CA.

Headshot image of Dr. Jennifer Duggan

Associate Professor Engages Students in Terrestrial Wildlife Ecology Research

Dr. Jennifer Duggan, Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Environmental Science, has been actively engaging students in research through her Terrestrial Wildlife Ecology lab. In addition to lab experiences, Jenny also dedicates her Sunday afternoons towards informally advising students on Step & Prep walks throughout Fort Ord.

Michelle poses in front of the Big Sur coastline

ENSCI Graduate Student Collaborates with California State Parks

Michelle Tarian, a graduate student in the Environmental Science master's program, is currently immersed in a professional internship with California State Parks. As a Professional Science Master's (PSM) student, Michelle is tasked with securing and completing a rigorous 400-hour graduate internship as part of her degree requirement.

Headshot of Matthew McGee with a small rodent in his front pocket

Graduate Student Uses Camera Traps to Collect Data on Carnivore Species in the Salinas Valley

As a thesis student, Matt uses camera traps to collect data on select carnivore species (coyotes, bobcats, gray foxes, and domestic cats) along an urbanization gradient in the Salinas Valley. 

Headshot image of Karla Jasso

Graduate Student Selected as American Phytopathological Society Representative on Master Plant Science Team

Karla Jasso, a current Environmental Science graduate student, was recently selected to be part of this year's Master Plant Science Team representing the American Phytopathological Society.

Students on a river rafting excursion

Assistant Professor Leads Summer Research Projects Across Western United States

This past summer, eight undergraduates and one graduate student dispersed across the Western United States to conduct research alongside Dr. John Olson as part of the Watershed Environments & Ecology Lab (WEE).

Headshot image of Mikaela Bogdan

ENSCI Graduate Received CSUMB President's Graduate Award for Exemplary Regional Stewardship

Mikaela Bogdan, a recent graduate of the Environmental Science master's program, was awarded the President's Graduate Award for Exemplary Regional Stewardship in Spring 2021.

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    Graduate Student Conducts Bat Research for Thesis Dissertation

    Bethany Schulze, a graduate student in the Department of Applied Environmental Science, is currently conducting bat research as part of her thesis dissertation. We recently touched base with Bethany to learn more about her unique research experience. Check out her interview below for more insight into the world of bat research.

    ENSCI Faculty Elected to AGU Board of Directors

    Dr. Corey Garza, Professor in the Department of Marine Science, was recently elected to the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Board of Directors. AGU aims to advance discovery and solution science that accelerate knowledge and create solutions that are ethical, unbiased and respectful of communities and their values.

    ENSCI Graduate Student Develops 3D Models of Maritime Heritage Sites

    Ryan Solymar, a current graduate student in the Environmental Science (ENSCI) master's program, has been interning with the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS) and CSUMB's Ecosystems Electronics Lab (EEL) as part of his Professional Science Master's (PSM) project. As a 3D photogrammetry intern, he has spent the past year developing three-dimensional models of maritime heritage sites throughout MBNMS.

    ENSCI Graduate Students Assist with Wildfire Response

    Environmental Science graduate students, Eric Walmsley and Ryan Brown, have been allocating their time towards completing their Professional Science Master's (PSM) internships with local agencies. In doing so, both had the unique opportunity to assist with wildfire response in our region during California's record-breaking wildfire season.

    A Society of Scientists: Corey Garza (ENSCI faculty) inducted into California Academy of Sciences.

    Corey Garza, Ph.D., professor of marine science in CSUMB’s College of Science, was recently inducted as a 2020 fellow in the California Academy of Sciences. He joins a cohort of 13 other scientists from California and beyond as new members.