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The Environmental Science Master of Science Program is an innovative interdisciplinary program within the School of Natural Sciences offering training in science and technology in the context of environmental policy. We prepare students for careers in applied scientific research, environmental resource management, environmental consulting, industry, non-profit organizations, environmental education, and further education in doctoral programs.


  • CSUMB Science Faculty, Researchers, and Students are at the Forefront of Agricultural Innovations

    The state of California is aiming to establish more sustainable, safe and efficient agricultural practices - and CSUMB faculty, researchers and students are leading the way!

  • Recent Graduate Currently Serving as NASA DEVELOP Research Participant

    Arev Markarian, a recent graduate of the Applied Marine and Watershed Science master’s program, is currently serving as a DEVELOP Research Participant at NASA Ames Research Center. The NASA DEVELOP National Internship Program utilizes interdisciplinary research projects to address environmental, public policy, and community concerns across the globe.

  • Associate Professor Contributes to National Academy of Sciences Reports on Coral Reef Persistence

    Dr. Cheryl Logan, Associate Professor at CSUMB, has spent the past year and a half serving as 1 of 12 international members on a National Academy of Sciences committee researching interventions to increase coral reef persistence in the face of climate change.

  • Graduate Student Defends Thesis on Bioassessment Tools for Non-perennial Rivers and Streams

    Matthew Robinson, current Applied Marine and Watershed Science student, recently defended his Master’s thesis. Matt has spent the past three years as a Graduate Research Assistant under the supervision of Dr. John Olson, developing dry-phase biological assessment tools for non-perennial rivers and streams (NPRS).

  • Graduate Student Secures Funding to Study Coral Resilience in American Samoa

    Melissa Naugle, a graduate student at CSUMB, was recently awarded two competitive grants to fund her thesis research in American Samoa. Funding from The Explorers Club (Mamont Scholar Grant), the CSUPERB Travel Grant, and the Myers Oceanographic Trust will be utilized to conduct her research on coral thermal tolerance this summer.

  • SNS Graduate Students Reflect on Professional Science Internships Prior to Graduation

    The Environmental Science Master’s program (ENSCI, formerly known as Applied Marine and Watershed Science) is gearing up to send off another set of graduates this Friday! To prepare for a career in science, many ENSCI graduate students choose to pursue the Professional Science Master’s (PSM) track. We recently touched base with three soon-to-be graduates to learn more about how their PSM internships have helped shaped them into experienced professionals.