College of Science

Awards and Grants

  • Liz Alter (BIOC), “Applying environmental DNA analysis to biodiversity assessment and long-term ecological monitoring across New York's marine waters” $68k from NYSDEC.
  • Laura Lee Lienk (AES), “Planting with CCR in North Monterey County” $20k from PG&E and CCR.
  • Adam Purdy (AES) “OpenET in Upper Colorado River Basin and New Mexico” $105k from US Dept of Interior and “Forest Health Applications of Evapotranspiration Data” $27k from Environmental Defense Fund.
  • Laura Lee Lienk (AES) - Amphibian Monitoring and Bullfrog Abatement on FONM, Bureau of Land Management/U.S. Department of Interior ($40k)
  • Laura Lee Lienk (AES) - Pollinator Plant Propagation, State of California, Wildlife Conservation Board, ($3,700)
  • Jimmy Guilinger (AES) - 2023 Carmel River cross section and bed grain size survey, Monterey Peninsula Water Management District ($22,450)
  • AJ Purdy (AES) - Advancing adoption of decision-support systems for irrigation management of vegetable crops, U.S. Department of Agriculture ($490k)
  • AJ Purdy, Operational Support for OpenET, Walton Family Foundation, $300k
  • Laura Lee Lienk, Carr Lake Demonstration Garden 2023-2024 Weekend Stewardship, Big Sur Land Trust, $6,600
  • Laura Lee Lienk, Milkweeds/Pollinators Ft Hunter Liggett (Contracted work from United States Army), $40k
  • James Lindholm, Long-term Monitoring of Mid-Depth Rocky Reef Ecosystems Inside and out of CAs Statewide Network of Marine Protected Areas, California Ocean Protection Council, $647k
  • Robert Burton, Federally Listed Species Recovery and Dune Habitat Restoration and Monitoring for Naval Support Activity Monterey (Cooperative agreement with United States Navy), $150k
  • JP Dundore-Arias, Screening of romaine and head lettuce varieties for tolerance to Pythium Wilt, California Leafy Greens Research Board, $17,700
  • Laura Lee Lienk (AES), $59k from Monterey Peninsula Unified School District, “Eco-Ambassadors School & Field Visits” &
  • John Olson (AES) and Liz Alter (BIOC), $210k from Regents of UC/University of California Office of the President, “Improving water system resilience to climate change with levee setback to create multiple benefits”
  • Nate Jue (BIOC), $201k from CSU-ARI, “Expanding the implementation and advancing development of pesticide-remediating bioreactors in Salinas Valley”
  • AJ Purdy (AES-NASA), $150k from USDA, “Beneficial transitions to groundwater sustainability for agricultural resilience” and $54k from CSU-ARI, “Weighing lysimeter studies to determine evapotranspiration and develop new crop coefficients for forage crops”
  • Arlene Haffa (BIOC), $5 million from the USDA “Developing capacity to quantify climate-smart practices in cool season specialty crops”

Fiscal Year 23-24

The College of Science received a total of 49 awards plus supplements totaling $7,169,207: 26 new Federal awards totaling $4,866,401; 10 new State awards totaling $1,989,179; 5 new Local awards totaling $174,777; and 8 new "other" awards totaling $138,850. Private Grants (non-public sources) will be posted soon.