Colleges, Schools, and Departments

Students can choose from a variety of disciplines at CSUMB, which has six academic colleges. Each college delivers degrees, minors, and other academic offerings that you can explore. The university currently offers a total of 25 undergraduate degrees with over 30 included concentrations, more than 30 minors, nine graduate degrees, and several teacher certification options.

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences empowers students to critically examine their place in the world: to imagine, communicate, collaborate, create, and transform. Our graduates are engaged global citizens who have studied a wide range of topics, such as art, communication, film, language, and psychology. Our students learn to apply values, interdisciplinary knowledge, and skills, equipping them to provide creative and socially responsible solutions for the future.

A CSUMB student painting on paper mache

College of Business

The College of Business is a leader in business education. At CSUMB, business students learn to develop and transform businesses and nonprofits into modern community-focused organizations, achieving financial success while caring for human and environmental resources in an ethical and equitable manner. The College of Business is focused on student success, academic excellence, transformational innovation, community responsibility and societal impact. With our unique focus on Responsible Business, we're preparing tomorrow's business leaders to make a positive impact on their local communities and the world.


Student presenting on stage at the Startup Challenge

College of Education

The College of Education trains students to become highly-qualified and effective teachers who can remedy the critical shortage of educators in our region. Our degree programs provide students with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives to positively impact children’s lives and contribute to social change. Due to our barrier-eliminating and innovative Teacher Pathway Program, more local students can pursue careers in education than ever before.


A teacher teaching students surrounding him

College of Extended Education and International Programs

The College of Extended Education and International Programs (EEIP) is a self-supported interdisciplinary college that aims to foster a more global and interconnected campus by strategically partnering with university, community, educational, business, and international allies.

EEIP broadens access to academic programs and educational resources to regional, national, and international audiences by offering a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate degrees, professional development courses and certificates, and a breadth of international education programs.

A photo of the CSUMB students reading in the library

College of Health Sciences and Human Services

The College of Health Sciences and Human Services prepares students in health and performance sciences and human services disciplines. The college offers five degree programs: Kinesiology, Nursing, Collaborative Health and Human Services, Master of Social Work, and Master of Science Physician Assistant. Our faculty are devoted to teaching the next generation of professionals by designing innovative community-supported programs that help people live longer, happier, and healthier lives.


CSU Monterey Bay students in their white coats during the White Coat Ceremony

College of Science

The College of Science provides a broad-based, integrated approach to the study of science, technology, design, mathematics, and a framework for making informed and ethical choices in the information age. Our students are ready to tackle both local and global problems by the time they graduate. Our alumni work in local and global industries. They can be found working in our national reserves, like Point Lobos, or collaborating with scientists at NASA.

A student conducting a chemistry experiment

University College

University College is a coordinating office for undergraduate students. UC helps students achieve academic progress and reach their goals through unique programs such as First Year Seminar, Service Learning Institute, and Communication Across the Disciplines. These programs provide unifying experiences for entering students, helping them transition into college life, and supporting them in skills development as a foundation for learning in their majors.

CSUMB graduates