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American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

The mission of The American Medical Student Association is to be more than premedical students, AMSA members represent the future of American healthcare. As a part of the vital next generation of health professionals, we hope to best prepare our members for the great public service they wish to pursue. Through the support of the most nationally recognized medical club in America, we at CSUMB plan to provide our members with the tools they will need in order to successfully achieve their goals as well as those of our school and community. Check out their Instagram and MyRaft profiles.

Beta Beta Beta Biological Honors Society

The goals of the Beta Beta Beta Biological Honors Society are to improve the understanding and appreciation of biological study, extend the boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research, create an academic community based on peer mentorship within the science program, encourage scholarship with events geared toward both health (medicine) and biological research (of any sub-discipline), and to promote minority groups in academia. Check out their MyRaft profile.


Game Developers Club

The mission of The Game Developers Club is to help teach students collaboration skills and game development design as well as make a creative space for students to work on projects. Check out their MyRaft profile.

Marine Science Club

The mission of the Marine Science Club is to unite the Marine Science student community in adventurous activities in support of learning and collaboration. Some group activities include bonfires, bowling, and marine science seminars. We aim to get students outside their classrooms to get them involved in other exciting elements of the marine science community. Check out their Facebook, Instagram and MyRaft profiles.

Math and Statistics Club

A group of students interested in mathematics and statistics. Check out their Facebook page.


MeteOtters Stargazing Club

The mission of the MeteOtters Stargazing Club is to share the joy of astronomy with the campus community through fun events, stargazing outings, and more while building lasting connections and friendships through our shared passion for the night sky. Check out their MyRaft profile.





Plant Cultivation Club

The mission of the Plant Cultivation Club is to advance our knowledge and exposure to local agriculture and enhance our technical and professional experiences on and outside of campus. We are committed to giving back to our community and creating personal and professional relationships with local industry leaders and future generations of students. Check out their Instagram and MyRaft profiles.



The Sustainability Club

The mission of The Sustainability Club is to introduce students to sustainability in every aspect of life and how to think critically about environmental issues and collaborate with other clubs on campus and organizations in the Monterey area. Check out their MyRaft profile.



WiCS (Women in Computer Science) Club

The mission of the WiCS Club is to establish a community for students to creatively cultivate their curiosity and interest in the world around them. Check out their MyRaft profile.


Wildlife Conservation Club

The Wildlife Conservation Club brings awareness to endangered and at-risk wildlife. Through education, we strive to protect the environment and contribute to conservation efforts locally and internationally. We are a community for any major. This is a great club to meet new people, support related organizations, volunteer, explore nature, and so much more! Check out their Instagram page.

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