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Habitat Stewardship Project, Monterey Bay Volunteer


Many volunteer opportunities mean that you can choose how much time you would like to dedicate to volunteering and what activities you would like to be part of.

What You'll Be Doing

The habitat restoration work at each event varies with the site and season. Examples of volunteer activities are trash removal and planting of native plants. Each event also incorporates an educational component and is a great way to learn more about the environment. Events are also a fun way to (1) get involved and make a difference, (2) meet new people, and (3) fulfill community service hours! There are many ways to volunteer with Habitat Stewardship Project, Monterey Bay (HSPMB), check out our different volunteer positions on the left side of this page.

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Why Volunteer?

Native Plants

HSPMB, with the help of many elementary students and volunteers, help to gather seeds and grow native plants that have lived on the central coast for thousands of years. These plants are drought tolerant, don’t require herbicides or pesticides, provide food and shelter to animals, and help reduce erosion and even help absorb some of the chemicals in creeks and lakes. These are amazing plants and we need help to plant thousands!

It isn't just taking out the trash

When trash is removed before it reaches our waterways it prevents pollution from flowing down- stream and damaging our precious fresh water resources and from contaminating the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. It also helps keep our parks and natural areas healthy and safe for people to enjoy. Volunteers at our events frequently pick up over 500 pounds of trash, sometimes over 1000 pounds are collected at each event!

Getting outside is good for you!

Getting your vitamin D by soaking up sunlight isn’t the only good thing about being outside. You burn calories while walking, reaching and bending over to pick up trash, and carrying it back to be disposed of properly. Most of all it’s good for your mind and soul! Being outside helps to relieve stress, boost creativity and helps you feel connected to the world. Not to mention the happy feeling that comes from taking action to fix a problem.