Student Life

Care team

The Care Team identifies students who may be experiencing distress or have concerns within the university community that could potentially impact student well-being. The team consults in order to generate awareness and plan collaborative responses.

The Care Team meets weekly to provide coordinated assistance and support to students in distress and/or students of concern, based on referrals. The team is composed of representatives from Student Affairs and Enrollment Services and The University Police Department, which are areas of campus that are generally involved in the holistic wellness of our students. The goals of the team are safety, well-being and student success. The team encourages all members of our campus community to adopt the perspective of, “see something, say something.”

How to make a referral

If this is an emergency please call 911.

If you are concerned about a student and would like to consult with a member of The Care Team, please submit a referral form via the blue button, which will be routed to the team for review and response.

What is the care manager?

The Care Manager is a non-clinical higher education case manager that focuses on the goals of health and safety for the entire campus community. The Care Manager, housed in Dean of Students Office, adheres to The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and functions to provide additional support to students experiencing distress, particularly students with risk factors such as mental health concerns, limited social/financial support, first generation or undocumented status, and many other potential considerations. The Care Manager does not provide therapeutic interventions but does focus on educating and encouraging effective problem solving to assist students in navigating processes, accessing services and implementing self-advocacy skills. In addition, the Care Manager convenes The Care Team, a group of professionals from across campus that coordinate resources to support students.

The care team

Member Position
Amy Zamara Basic Need Case Manager
  Student Conduct Administrator
Jessica Lopez Counselor Faculty
Joanna Snawder-Manzo Care Manager
John Short Deputy Chief of Police
Joshelyn Martin Assistant Director Residential Life
Sarah Lasnik Associate Director Residential Life
  Associate Dean for Advising, Career, and Student Success