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Habitat Stewardship Project, Monterey Bay Volunteer

School Garden Ambassador

With the help of Return of the Natives’ educators, student staff and volunteers, we have installed native plant gardens at 11 Monterey Peninsula Unified School District (MPUSD) elementary schools. Each year, we add to this list, and help where we can! Return of the Natives is seeking individual, partners, or small groups of volunteers interested in becoming School Garden Ambassadors. Ideally, these volunteers will currently have, or in the past had, a student at their school of choice. School Garden Ambassador’s commit to:

  • Attend two training sessions (one in Fall and one in Spring)
  • One school year and one summer of service to their school garden
  • Assist Volunteer Coordinator in planning and leading 2 community weekend events at their school per year
  • Act as a liaison between Return of the Natives and school administration
  • Assess needs of the garden and work with the school community and Return of the Natives to purchase supplies and complete projects

For more information, or to apply, email