Mission & Strategic Plan

While the Vision sets the target, the university mission guides day-to-day operations. Every day, every faculty member, staff employee, and administrator works...

To build a multicultural learning community founded on academic excellence from which all partners in the educational process emerge prepared to contribute productively, responsibly, and ethically to California and the global community.

Core values

We have identified seven core academic values based on the Vision. These provide a common focus for our academic programming, enrollment efforts, budgeting, fundraising, and general operations.

  • Applied, active, and project-based learning activities
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Multicultural and global perspectives
  • Technological sophistication
  • Service learning
  • Ethical reflection and practice
  • Collaboration

Academic goals

We have identified seven broad academic goals based on the Vision. These provide a common focus for our General Education offerings, undergraduate majors, graduate degree programs, teaching certification programs, and informal enrichment opportunities.

  • Effective and ethical communication in at least two languages with widely diverse audiences
  • Cross-culturally competent citizenship in a pluralistic and global society
  • Technological, aural, and visual literacy
  • Creative expression in the service of transforming culture
  • Ethics, social justice, and care for one another
  • Scientific sophistication and value for the earth and earth systems
  • Holistic and creative sense of self

Strategic plan

Adopted in September 2008, CSU Monterey Bay's 2008-2018 Strategic Plan has been revised and updated in 2013 to reflect four major themes:

  • Student Success
  • Academic Excellence
  • Regional Stewardship
  • Institutional Capacity

These four themes provide the framework under which the University continues its efforts to operationalize the vision and values of CSU Monterey Bay.

The Strategic Budget Committee supports the campus community and each division in its development and execution of strategies that enhance student success, academic excellence, regional stewardship, and institutional capacity.

2008-2018 Strategic Plan

2013 Strategic Plan Refresh