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Class Schedule, Final Assessment/Exam Schedule, and Flexible Course Definitions

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Final Assessment/Exam Schedule

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2022-23 Academic Year Final Assessment/Exam Dates:

Fall ~ December 13-16, 2022

Spring ~ May 16-19, 2023

Academic Calendar Archive for past final assessment dates

Undergraduate Final Assessment Policy 

Fall and Spring Final Assessment week will be Tuesday – Friday.  (Mondays are reserved for Study Day)

Face to Face classes and Online Synchronous classes will meet in their regularly scheduled classroom (Synchronous will meet online) at their normal start time (must start on the hour of the class start time), for 1 hour and 50 minutes on their first regular weekly meeting day, during the Final Assessment week, except for the following:

Classes meeting on both days and between listed times: Day Final Assessment will be held: Time Final Assessment will be held:
M/W 8am-9:50am  Wednesday  8am-9:50am  
M/W 10am-11:50am  Wednesday  10am-11:50am 
M/W 2pm-3:50pm  Wednesday  2pm-3:50pm 
M/W 4pm-5:50pm  Wednesday  4pm-5:50pm  
M/W 6pm-7:50pm  Wednesday  6pm-7:50pm  
M/W 8pm-9:50pm  Wednesday  8pm-9:50pm  
T/R 10am-11:50am Thursday 10am-11:50am
T/R 2pm-3:50pm Thursday 2pm-3:50pm
T/R 6pm-7:50pm Thursday 6pm-7:50pm
Classes meeting on these days and between listed times:                                           Day Final Assessment will be held:  Time Final Assessment will be held:
Monday only between 8am-9:50pm  Instructor will be notified with rescheduled day/time by 2nd Friday of the semester  Instructor will be notified with rescheduled day/time by 2nd Friday of the semester
Following classes will not be scheduled for a Final Assessment:                                         

Check with Instructor if a Final Assessment is needed for the following classes. If yes, see Final Assessment week schedule above:                

1 hour or less per week classes Graduate classes (ex. any course number 500 or higher)*

Non-enrollment (multiple component) classes (ex. class sections in the 50s or 60s).

Hybrid classes (ex. class sections in the 80s).*
Accelerated classes (classes that do not meet regularly for the entire semester) Saturday and Sunday classes*
Performance classes (classes in theater arts, film, music, athletics or activity classes) 1- 1.25 hours multiple days per week classes*
Lab classes  
Independent Study classes (ex. any course number ending in 97)  

Asynchronous Online classes and Arranged classes: check with Instructor.

* Instructor will be notified with rescheduled day/time by 2nd Friday of the semester


Procedure for requesting alternate final assessment/exam day/time/location for Instructor:

Instructors work with your Department for alternate options for alternate final assessment/exam.

Procedure for requesting alternate final assessment/exam day/time/location for Department Support Staff:

Department support staff submits schedule change request form to listing the class section information. Action item in the first column is “alternate final assessment/exam request”. Either list specific day/time/location request that you have found in 25Live or request alternate options from us in the same room that the class is regularly scheduled in.

(Note for Department Staff:  If you get contacted a second time by the Instructor for different alternate rescheduling please schedule a 15 minute zoom call with our Office to resolve this matter in a more efficient manner, this will also require Dean’s approval).


If you have questions:

  1. Students: Contact your Instructor. (Instructor will inform students with Final Assessment day/time/location)
  2. Instructors: Contact your department office
  3. Department offices: Contact Academic Scheduling Office

This schedule is subject to change, please check with your instructor for your specific final assessment requirements, dates and times.

Flexible Course Definitions

  • Face-to-face
  • Synchronous Virtual Instruction
  • Asynchronous Virtual Instruction
  • Synchronous Virtual Instruction + Asynchronous Virtual Instruction
  • Face-to-face + Synchronous Virtual Instruction
  • Face-to-face + Asynchronous Virtual Instruction