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Welcome to the home of Mechatronics Engineering at California State University, Monterey Bay.  

Discover a unique academic journey at our newly established department, where students will begin their Mechatronics Engineering BS in Fall 2024! Engage in Freshman and Junior courses tailored for recent high school graduates and community college transfers, ensuring a seamless continuation of your academic pursuits at CSUMB. Distinguished as one of only three Mechatronics degree programs in the entire CSU system, our department stands at the forefront of innovative education.

Embark on this exciting venture with the inaugural class set to commence in 2024, positioning yourself as a pioneer in our intimate class settings designed to facilitate immersive hands-on learning experiences. Our dynamic curriculum integrates an industry-based internship and a year-long capstone project, providing you with a comprehensive education.

Nestled within recently renovated labs equipped with state-of-the-art technology, you will tackle engineering challenges and apply solutions across diverse domains such as agriculture technology, underwater exploration, and aerial technologies. Be part of the solution, actively contributing to advancements in these cutting-edge fields.

As we shape an outstanding undergraduate engineering program, anticipate growth and expansion. In Spring 2024, we will be recruiting additional faculty and staff, further enhancing the academic excellence and opportunities available within our department. Please check out our tentative BS in Mechatronics Engineering catalog. Join us on this journey of exploration, innovation, and academic excellence!




The Program aims to attain ABET accreditation as soon as possible, a process that necessitates the completion of at least one graduating class. Subsequently, ABET accreditation is retrospectively applied to all graduates from the preceding year.

CSUMB holds accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and is actively pursuing accreditation from ABET, the recognized accrediting body for engineering programs. The Department of Mechatronics Engineering, in collaboration with the CSUMB Administration, is wholeheartedly dedicated to securing accreditation expeditiously for our engineering program.

To qualify for ABET accreditation, a developing program like ours must have a cohort of students who have successfully traversed the entire curriculum, spanning freshman through senior years, and have graduated. Following graduation, ABET dispatches an evaluation team to assess various aspects, including the curriculum, facilities, infrastructure, and faculty quality. If the criteria are met, accreditation is granted, typically at least a year after the student's graduation. Importantly, accreditation extends retroactively to the preceding year's cohort.

Graduates predating this accredited cohort will also reap the benefits of our accreditation endeavors, emerging fully qualified and well-prepared for engineering careers, licensure as professional engineers, and entry into graduate engineering programs. This procedural timeline aligns with the standard process followed by every program worldwide seeking ABET accreditation. Our proactive approach involves comprehensive preparations, including the establishment of new laboratories, procurement of cutting-edge equipment, recruitment of world-class faculty, and the development of courses tailored to future engineering challenges. We are diligently ensuring readiness to pursue ABET accreditation at the earliest opportunity.

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Program Updates

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Prospective Faculty & Staff Opportunities

The Department of Mechatronics Engineering and The College of Science is actively recruiting for the following positions

  • 2 Assistant Professors 
  • Administrative Support Coordinator II
  • Instructional Support Technician

All open positions can be found following here. 


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Mechatronics Engineering Department Chair

Dr. Luis Cabrales Arriaga, Building 49 (Forest Hall), Office #115 (