College of Science

Environmental Science MS

Recent Graduate Currently Serving as NASA DEVELOP Research Participant

June 28, 2019

Arev Markarian, a recent graduate of the Applied Marine and Watershed Science master’s program, is currently serving as a DEVELOP Research Participant at NASA Ames Research Center. The NASA DEVELOP National Internship Program utilizes interdisciplinary research projects to address environmental, public policy, and community concerns across the globe.

As a DEVELOP Intern she is currently working on the American Samoa Water Resources project to use Landsat imagery to provide a 30-year time series analysis of land cover and water quality changes in the Faga’alu watershed. This project is a collaborative effort between NASA, the US Coral Reef Task Force, Watershed Partnership Initiative and the American Samoa Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources (DMWR).

During her time as a graduate student, Arev interned with the Desert Research Institute as a Geospatial Technician. Through this experience, she helped create a model to predict the spatial distribution of 19 fish species of concern in the Northern Slope of Alaska. She also had the opportunity to present her research at several freshwater and geospatial conferences; earning her the Best Poster Award at the local GeoSpatial Information Systems (GIS) Day in 2018.

Arev’s internship experiences have formed her into the professional she is today and provided her with a positive outlook on the future of our planet:

“Getting the chance to contribute to the better management of an ecosystem, no matter how small the global impact, gives me hope for a healthier future.”

Keep up the excellent work, Arev!