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ENSCI Student Tackles Climate Action Planning as a PSM Intern

Headshot image of Kierra Rambonga holding a yellow rose

Kierra Rambonga recently completed her Professional Science Master's (PSM) internship with LandWatch Monterey County. While serving as a Climate Action Intern, Kierra assisted the County in conducting essential research towards the development of their Climate Action Plan.

We reached out to Kierra to learn more about her experience as an intern and Environmental Science graduate student. Read her interview below for more details.  

What did you internship entail? 

Monterey County is developing its newest climate action plan. My job is to research and analyze climate action plans across the state of California with the intent of finding relevant, successful activities that the County of Monterey could incorporate into their Municipal Climate Action Plan. My research is being used to ensure that Monterey County develops a comprehensive CAP that will create enforceable targets that will do the county’s fair share at reducing statewide GHG emissions based on other strategies, actions, and percent reductions.

How has your internship contributed towards your professional goals? 

My professional goal is to become an environmental educator. Being an environmental educator involves educating the public on environmental issues and promoting sustainability. By getting an in-depth understanding of the environmental policy process, I will be better able to inform the public on environmental policy and how they can get involved in environmental action (i.e. having a weekly beach clean-up, connecting with their local government, etc.).

What is your favorite part about being a graduate student at CSUMB? 

I love that my classes are project-based; I enjoy getting hands-on experience with what we're talking about in class. I also like how supportive the professors are; they genuinely want us to succeed and guide us towards that path.

What are your plans after graduate school?

After graduate school, I want to work with either a non-profit like LandWatch Monterey County or with a school district and continue promoting climate advocacy. I want more people to become involved in climate action and work towards a healthier planet.

My technical report about the importance of land-use inclusion in climate action plans will be published on the LandWatch website this year! Keep an eye out for it! :)


Congratulations on completing your internship, Kierra! We look forward to seeing where your professional endeavors take you.