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Environmental Science MS

ENSCI Student Defends Thesis on Native Species Response to Goat Foraging

John Inman, a current graduate student in the Environmental Science master's program, recently defended his thesis on 'Native species response to goat foraging in a California coastal grassland.' With the guidance of his faculty advisor, Dr. Fred Watson, Inman conducted his thesis research in Fort Ord National Monument.

Coyote brush invasion threatens bunchgrass habitat in protected coastal grasslands. John Inman's thesis research investigated the effectiveness of goat foraging for controlling and reducing coyote brush while maintaining and increasing bunchgrasses within the study region.

" This project allowed me to develop as a science communicator capable of engaging a diverse set of stakeholders. I am also now confident in my ability to handle and analyze environmental data to make management decisions."

As a graduate student, Inman was a recipient of USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) Grant and the Chuck Hagan Award. Following graduation, he will be pursuing a career with the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board.

Congratulations on reaching this milestone, John!