College of Science

Department of Applied Environmental Science

Using the Gas Card

  • Swipe your card at the pump reader.
  • If the pump terminal requires you to choose either “Credit” or “Debit”, press the “Credit” key.
  • If required, the terminal may prompt for an ID or PIN number. Enter the vehicle ID number. You can find the vehicle ID number on the bottom left of the gas card.
  • If required, you may also be prompted to enter the ODOMETER reading. Enter your odometer as a whole number. DO NOT enter tenths of miles.
  • All terminals are different and may require the information to be entered in a different order. Simply follow the instructions on the terminal to process your transaction.
  • Obtain a receipt and place it in the black zippered gas card holder.
  • If you have problems using the card reader, check with the attendant.

Please note that each gas card should only be used with its assigned vehicle.