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Department of Applied Environmental Science

Ryan Lockwood '05: Colorado Forest Service Public and Media Relations Coordinator

Ryan Lockwood

I graduated from the ESSP program (nowESTP) in 2005 after an incredible two years in the program; I was on the accelerated path because I already held a BA in journalism. Most important to my future success was the position I held as a research technician for the Watershed Institute at CSUMB, working for Fred Watson. While working for Fred under a NASA grant, I participated in multiple fieldwork excursions to Yellowstone National Park to gather data on snowpack, vegetation cover, geothermal heat release and bison migrations. I was involved with every step of the research process, from gathering data in the field to analysis to write-ups.

Ryan cross country skiiing

After graduating, I held seasonal positions on mule deer research projects conducted by theColorado Division of Wildlife and Rocky Mountain National Park. (Science doesn't get much more exciting than darting and netting deer!) I also assisted with stream barrier mapping, fish population studies, and bighorn sheep survival surveys for RMNP, and worked one summer for an environmental consulting firm involved with the control of West Nile Virus. I now work as the Public and Media Relations Coordinator for theColorado State Forest Service. In this position, I act as the Fire Information Officer for the agency, write press releases and other stories, and serve as the media contact for the agency. The job provides me a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that I am responsible for delivering accurate forestry information to the general public.

Ryan on hard for a controlled burn