College of Science

Department of Applied Environmental Science

ESTP Student Tackles Wildfire Science, Pesticides, and Sustainability

Timothy holds a salamander in his hand

Timothy Randazzo, a senior Environmental Science, Technology & Policy (ESTP) student, has immersed himself in a wide array of research experiences over the past few years. Throughout his undergraduate studies, Timothy has also served in various professional roles on and off campus in preparation for his career aspirations. To learn more about Timothy's experiences at CSUMB, check out his interview below. 

How has your undergraduate experience contributed to your professional goals?

My capstone research included the analysis of chaparral vegetation after a wildfire and the effects of bulldozed fuel breaks, as well as a focus on policy perspectives and developing recommendations around fire management. Within this project, I was able to display the integrative skills that are embedded in my undergraduate degree: environmental science, plant biology, environmental data analysis, remote sensing/GIS, environmental health, and policy. This capstone experience has increased my confidence and has led me to become a capable and determined scientist.

Starting at CSUMB, I started working as a research assistant in Dr. Jue's Pesticide Bacterial Remediation Lab. This is where I strengthened laboratory skills but moreover learned rigid and fundamental skills of the research process. Additionally, my work experience as a Sustainability Student Assistant within the Office of Inclusive Excellence & Sustainability has singlehandedly given me exposure to the sustainability field and shifted my professional goals from research to science communication, policy, and sustainability management. I facilitated the STARS reporting process this year which allowed me to increase my skills in leadership, facilitation, data analysis, and communication - all skills important for my professional goals.

I also became an Environmental Commissioner of the City of Seaside through CSUMB connections. This is where I am participating in local politics by drafting, advocating, and implementing sustainable policies, such as the Priority-impact Plastic Pollution Ordinance.

What is your favorite part about being an undergraduate student at CSUMB?

The community at CSUMB has been my favorite thing about being a student at CSUMB. I have been able to build strong networks with my professors, peers, and support staff such as TRIO SSS and Basic Needs. Being a TRIO SSS student (low-income, independent, and first-generation), I was worried I would not be able to find a community here at CSUMB, but I was far from wrong. The small class sizes and abundance of social support services allow students to find small groups where they belong on campus. I also believe my job at the Office of Inclusive Excellence & Sustainability was one of my primary sources of community-building.

What are your plans for after graduation? 

My overall plan is to attend graduate school to in an interdisciplinary Masters of Science degree that will expand my skills in spatial data analysis, global sustainability management, planning/policy, and environmental design.


Keep up the incredible work, Timothy! We look forward to seeing where your graduate endeavors take you.