College of Science

Department of Applied Environmental Science

ENSTU Major Reflects on her CSUMB Experience

Olivia Equinoa, a current Environmental Studies major, is heavily involved in both the campus community and the AES Department. In Spring 2022, she won the CSUMB Library Ethnic Studies Research Paper Award for her paper "Decolonization in Higher Environmental Education." Additionally, she also attends each AES Field Adventure, which occurs on various Saturdays throughout the semester. Finally, she works as a science writing tutor at the Cooperative Learning Center. 

We recently touched base with Olivia to learn more about her campus involvement and what she enjoys about being a student at CSUMB.

What are your professional goals, and how has your undergraduate experience contributed to your professional goals?

My ultimate professional goal is to contribute to solutions for the ongoing environmental crises. My undergraduate experience has contributed to this by providing many different opportunities for environmental conservation work through classes, clubs, internships, and more.

What is your favorite part about being an undergraduate student at CSUMB?

My favorite part about being an undergrad student at CSUMB is the people! 

What is your favorite part of the Environmental Studies program?

My favorite part of the Environmental Studies program is the continuous support and passion I see and feel from my peers and instructors! 

In 3-4 sentences, please describe your work with the science writing team at the Cooperative Learning Center.

I would say that my overall goal as a writing tutor is to help students feel more confident in their abilities as a writer. Writing is so important, especially in scientific fields where data interpretation and analysis are so prevalent. As a science writing tutor, my work aims to aid others in being able to organize and convey their thoughts, ideas, and findings in a way that they are both satisfied with and that is accessible and understandable to their audience(s). 

What are your plans for after graduation?

After graduation, I’d like to do environmental nonprofit work (and hopefully stay in the beautiful Monterey area)! 


Thank you and congratulations, Olivia! We look forward to seeing where your professional endeavors take you.