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Environmental Studies (ENSTU) graduates work in a range of positions with governmental, non-governmental, non-profit and private agencies. Click below to explore the current job titles and organizations that employ ENSTU graduates.

"Going through the ENSTU program has allowed me to go in different directions in terms of my career. I gained field experience as well as developed skills to communicate with people from different backgrounds. Having a close relationship with professors has opened many doors for me and taught me the importance of building connections." - Raquel Hernandez
"I am incredibly grateful for all of the opportunities that were available to me while in the ENSTU program. The interdisciplinary nature of the program gave me the tools to view environmental issues through multiple lenses, the ability to work with dedicated and engaging professors from a variety of educational backgrounds, and the freedom to focus on environmental topics tailored to my own interests. The small classes sizes and availability of the professors allowed for personal and relevant feedback, while a prime location in the Monterey Bay applied the topics taught in class to the ecosystems right on CSUMB’s doorstep. I came out of the program with practical field work skills, an understanding of complex environmental issues and policy, as well as a desire to continue my education within the field. While in the program I studied abroad at one of CSUMB’s many partner universities, The University of Stirling, and I will be returning there to pursue an MSc in Environmental Management. I feel confident going into this graduate program because of the quality of the undergraduate education I received." - Kimberly Smith
"The Environmental Studies major at CSUMB poises scholars to tackle pressing global issues by empowering individuals to take action. The experiences gained through the ENSTU program implores students to continue growing long after graduation thanks to the collaborative nature of the major. As I continue moving through the world working with diverse communities as an environmental journalist, I remain indebted to the ENSTU mentors and colleagues who helped nurture my enduring curiosity for our interconnected world." - Katie Brown