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CSUMB Researcher Featured in NASA Earth & Applied Sciences Article

Alberto with his dog dog Murphee (Credit: NASA/Alberto Guzman)
Screenshot of the water management (OpenET) system that Alberto works with. (Credit: NASA)

Alberto Guzman currently serves as a Senior Software Engineer at the NASA Ames Research Center. Eleven years prior, Alberto graduated from CSUMB with a degree in Computer Science. He has since dedicated his career to software engineering and collaborates with the University on the CSUMB / NASA Ames ARC-CREST Cooperative Agreement.

Since 1997, CSUMB and NASA Ames Research Center have conducted collaborative research in ecological and watershed systems with an emphasis on local, regional, and global environmental problems related to climate change and land-use patterns. These complex environmental issues are studied using remote sensing, image processing, geographical information systems, computer simulation and analyses, data acquisition and visualization, and high bandwidth telecommunications.

NASA recently recognized Alberto’s work in a highlight feature centered around his career trajectory. Alberto currently translates the unique language of NASA scientists into computer code, creating opportunities for applied science breakthroughs to run on a bigger scale and have a larger impact (Ecker, 2020).

“A lot of scientists do amazing and complex work in their fields, but they need help to translate that work into a computer program to run it on a bigger scale,” - Alberto Guzman

To read more about Alberto’s career path, check out ‘From Translation to Evapotranspiration with Alberto Guzman’.