The Watershed Institute

Watershed Environments and Ecology Lab Projects

Local research and montioring

Dr. Olson showing aquatic bugs to a child at CA wildlife day
Photo by: Jessie Doyle

Project: Hydrology monitoring of the Santa Lucia Preserve

This monitoring provides preserve management data on stream flow and water quality conditions needed to ensure the continued success of steelhead populations.

Emma and Maggie in field taking samples of substrate

Project: Five year Carmel monitoring of San Clemente Dam removal

This monitoring is to determine if the Carmel River in the vicinity of where the San Clemente Dam was removed is meeting the goals of improving conditions for all life stages of both resident (rainbow) and anadromous (steelhead) trout and improving aquatic habitat.

Dr. Olson collecting water bugs

Project: New Zealand Mud Snail Invasion of the Carmel River

We monitor the expansion of the New Zealand mud snail since first discovering and reporting the infestation in the Carmel River.

picture of invasive new zealand mudsnails on glass bottle