Thesis Track

Student tracking animal prints

The Environmental Science MS program allows students to chose from two customizable tracks: the Thesis Track, and the Professional Science Master's (PSM) Track. The thesis option culminates in a thesis dissertation, while the PSM option culminates in a professional internship with a local organization. The two options share a common base of coursework.

The Thesis Option provides students with an opportunity to complete an applied scientific research project within the context of an environmental issue.

Typically, Thesis students graduate in 3.5 years.

ENSCI thesis projects

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Other publications by ENSCI students

Year Student First Name Student Last Name Publication
2012 Todd Hallenbeck Hellenbeck, T., Kvitek, R., & Lindholm, J. 2012. Rippled scour depressions add ecologically significant heterogeneity to soft-bottom habitats on the continental shelf. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 468:119-133.
2013 Pamela Krone-Davies Krone-Davis, P., Watson, F., Los Huertos, M., Starner, K. 2013. Assessing pesticide reduction in constructed wetlands using a tanks-in-series model within a Bayesian framework. Ecological Engineering, 57:342-352.
2013 Steven Quan Quan, S., Kvitek, R., Smith, D., Griggs, G. 2013. Using Vessel-Based LIDAR to Quantify Coastal Erosion during El Niño and Inter-El Niño Periods in Monterey Bay, California. Journal of Coastal Research, 29: 555-565.
2013 Carolyn Rosevelt Rosevelt, C., Los Huertos, M., Garza, C. 2013. Marine debris in central California: Quantifying type and abundance of beach litter in Monterey Bay, CA.Marine Pollution Bulletin, 71:299–306.
2014 Miles Daniels Daniels, M.E., Hogan, J.N., Smith, W.A., Oates, S.C., Miller, M.A., Hardin, D., Shapiro, K., Los Huertos, M., Conrad, P.A., Dominik, C., Watson, F.G. 2014. Estimating Environmental Conditions Affecting Protozoal Pathogen Removal in Surface Water Wetland Systems Using a Multi-Scale, Model-Based Approach.Science of the Total Environment, 493:1036-1046.
2014 Ashley Knight Knight, A., Lindholm, J., DeVogelaere, A. & Watson, A. 2014. Approaches to the collection, processing, and analysis of video imagery for marine resource management. Marine Technology Society Journal, 48:86-95.
2015 Bartholomew Kowalski Kowalski, B., Watson, F., Garza, C., & Delgado, B. 2015. Effects of landscape covariates on the distribution and detection probabilities of mammalian carnivores. Journal of Mammalogy, 96(3): 511-521.
2015 Colin Nicol Nicol, C., Smith, D., & Watson, F. 2015. Exploring particle density effects on spatial mobility of steelhead spawning gravels. River Research and Applications, 31(1): 62-29.
2015 Phillips Samuel Robins, P., Wald, S., Bell, E., Diggory, Z., Smith, D., Phillips, S. and Paul, M. 2014. Big Sur River Watershed Management Plan. California Department of Fish and Wildlife. 129pp + 3 appendices.