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Computer Science BS

The Computer Science major provides students with an understanding of fundamental computer science concepts coupled with applied information technology skills. Students are prepared for careers in computing technology industries or for graduate program.

CS Students


Why study computer science?

From communication to science to design, knowledge of computing is the key to new advancements. With this degree, you’ll have the ability to make people’s lives better with technology. You’ll also be joining one of the most in-demand and highly paid fields. Finally, by studying Computer Science, you’ll be trained to become a modern-day problem solver. You’ll break down real-world challenges and design the steps computers will take to find a solution.


Data Science Learn to apply machine learning algorithms and visualization techniques to gain insights from data.

Game Development Learn to design, develop and deploy both games for solving problems and fun games for entertainment.

Software Engineering Learn to design, develop and deploy large scale software systems that will run on a variety of platforms including mobile, cloud and other computing devices.

Network and Security Learn to design, develop and deploy network infrastructure that is secure and reliable.


The CS curriculum is aligned closely with the Association for Computing Machinery’s Computer Science 2013 Curriculum Guidelines. This diagram shows the sequence in which to take computer sciences and their pre-req dependencies. The link below contains syllabus and schedule of most key computer science courses.


Students have the opportunity to join extracurricular activities like the Android Development Club, or to act as a teaching assistant in the TA++ program and find internship opportunities. Students also dedicate their skills to the community and make professionals connections through activities like the Ideas of March and Startup Weekend.

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