College of Science

School of Computing and Design

Message from the School Chair

Bude Su
Dr. Bude Su, Chair, School of Computing and Design

The School of Computing and Design (SCD) at CSUMB has a comprehensive and intense focus on a broad spectrum of subjects and methods towards applying computing and design principles to solve real world problems. Our strengths are demonstrated in our teaching and research in the three main fields of studies - Computer Science (CS), Communication Design (CD), and Instructional Science & Technology (IST) that together provide a platform for fostering interdisciplinary collaborations. Between the graduate and undergraduate degree programs, SCD serves about 700 residential students and about 180 online students. Our students are provided with the foundational knowledge, academic tools, practical skills, and real-world opportunities necessary to advance as professionals in their careers and to become contributing members of our society.

Given the rapid pace of technological change in the fields of computing and design, the school is committed to keeping its course offerings current, and its computer labs and software up-to-date with industry standards. SCD also has a highly innovative faculty team bringing in multi-million dollar grants to the school, and creating new knowledge, applications, capacities, and ways to educate that will serve our students, the community, the state, and the nation well.

On behalf of 60 faculty and staff at SCD, I encourage our students to take full advantage of the academic support services provided by the School and the University to enthusiastically engage in your learning. To parents and partners, I call for your active participation in supporting the School that aims to challenge critical thinking, provide career preparation, inspire values, and promote lifelong learning. We realize that each student is unique and, as a community, we strive to maximize that unique potential.

I am honored to be the Chair of the School. Together our remarkable faculty, staff and talented students aim to create a vibrant learning community of computing and design. With great pleasure, I invite you to explore this website and learn more about the School of Computing and Design at CSUMB.

- Bude Su -