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CS Course Curriculum

Computer Science program curriculum at CSUMB is organized into three broad categories of courses - the categories and the courses under each category are listed below. All students complete the CORE courses, choose one concentration as their primary concentration and complete the three course sequence within that concentration, and complete all culmination courses. Students usually take courses from other concentrations as electives.

  • CORE Courses: Introduction to Programming (C++), Introduction to Data Structures (C++), Multimedia Programming using Python, Discrete Math, Math for Computing (Linear Algebra, Probability, Logic), Object Oriented Design/Software Design (Java, Android), Computer Architecture (C programming language), Calculus-I, Operating Systems (C), Database Systems (MySql), Design & Analysis of Algorithms.
  • Concentration Courses
    • Software Engineering Concentration: Introduction to Data Science (or) Graphics Programming, Internet/Web Programming (Javascript, JQuery, PHP) & Software Engineering
    • Network & Security Concentration: Introduction to Computer Networking (TCP/IP), Network Security & Network Administration
    • Game Development Concentration: Graphics Programming, Game Engine Programming (Unity 3D) & Advanced Game Development
    • Data Science Concentration: Database systems, Introduction to Data Science (R), Machine Learning and Big Data (Python)
  • Culmination Courses: Professional Ethics, Service Learning, Breadth electives (including iOS) from other concentrations & Capstone Project

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Course Syllabus Schedule
FYS 156
MATH 170SyllabusSchedule
MATH 270SyllabusSchedule
CST 205SyllabusSchedule
CST 231SyllabusSchedule
CST 237
CST 238SyllabusSchedule
CST 252
CST 271
CST 273SyllabusSchedule
CST 286SyllabusSchedule
CST 300
CST 311SyllabusSchedule
CST 312SyllabusSchedule
CST 325SyllabusSchedule
CST 326SyllabusSchedule
CST 334SyllabusSchedule
CST 336SyllabusSchedule
CST 337SyllabusSchedule
CST 338SyllabusSchedule
CST 363SyllabusSchedule
CST 370SyllabusSchedule
CST 373Syllabus Schedule
CST 383
CST 412SyllabusSchedule
CST 426
CST 438SyllabusSchedule
CST 462SSyllabusSchedule
CST 463SyllabusSchedule
CST 495Syllabus Schedule
CST 496SyllabusSchedule
CST 497SyllabusSchedule
CST 499SyllabusSchedule

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