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Communication Design Minor

Required Courses

What is the Minor in Communication Design all about?

The minor in Communication Design provides students with an opportunity to explore their particular interests in Web Design, Instructional Design, Animation Design, Publication Design and Multimedia Design. The Minor in Communication Design allows students to tailor their minor curriculum so that it can be integrated with many other major programs at CSUMB. Students first take one lower division course and then four upper division courses that fulfill minor learning outcomes. Following CSUMB’s outcomes-based philosophy and SCD’s portfolio process, each student needs to take a one-unit ProSeminar to complete the minor.

What will I gain from a minor in Communication Design?

There are many unique and exciting opportunities for students at CSUMB to enhance their learning in other majors with knowledge and skills from courses offered by SCD. Students majoring in Earth Science and Social Policy, Teledramatic Arts & Technology, Business, Liberal Studies, etc. can benefit from a minor in Communication Design. The School of Computing and Design formally recognizes its obligation to provide high quality educational opportunities to all CSUMB students who want a deeper understanding of information technology and digital content development in order to enhance their learning experience and career opportunities.

What will my learning environment be like?

Our campus location—an hour from Silicon Valley, the greatest concentration of hardware and software producers in the world, and two hours from San Francisco, home to a great number of creative designers and content developers—is a huge asset. On campus, our students enjoy small classes conducted in spacious, cutting-edge facilities. A young university established in 1994, CSUMB has been wired for the 21st century since inception. Additionally, we have established working relationships with a number of trend-setting companies such as Sun Microsystems, Apple, and Cisco Systems as well as many local employers such as the Defense Manpower Data Center, CTB/McGraw-Hill, and others. These companies provide us with the latest in hardware and software and advise us as our dynamic program evolves. They also provide internship and employment opportunities for our students.

What advising and support services are provided for students pursuing the Minor in Communication Design?

There is a Student Services program to help you resolve issues and to direct you to available resources, including a Peer Advising program that will be helpful with studying, development of an Individualized Learning Plan, and working toward your goals. Faculty advising is also available to assist you in reaching your academic goals in a timely manner.

How does this minor integrate with various CSUMB majors to prepare students for specific careers?

The minor in Communication Design is specifically designed to allow students an opportunity to integrate knowledge of communication design into their major coursework. The minor in Communication Design provides high quality educational opportunities to all CSUMB students who want a deeper understanding of digital content development in order to make informed contributions to their community using computer technology.

How do I find out more?

For more specific information about the Minor in Communication Design, please contact:

Location: BIT (Building 506), Room 250

Information Number: 831-582-3621

SCD Student Services Number: 831-582-4791

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