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Instructional Science and Technology M.S.

About MIST

The MS in Instructional Science and Technology (MIST) is an interdisciplinary program that integrates information technology, instructional design, and education technology. This 36 credit, cohort-based program incorporates substantial distributed learning to help students acquire knowledge of the following: Learning Theories, Instructional Design, Instructional Technology, Assessment and Research Methods , and Interactive Multimedia.



The Blended Program welcomes a new cohort each Fall. Two core courses are offered per semester and requires a face-to-face weekend (sometimes including Fridays) at the beginning of each semester and one final meeting to deliver a student's culminating project (5 weekends face-to-face seminars in total at CSU Monterey Bay are required during the 16-months of study). This program is offered through a hybrid learning model and is a stateside program, as such, the tuition structure follows the CSU tuition and fee schedule.

  • Coursework online, plus 5 weekend seminars on campus
  • 16 month program
  • 2-4 courses for 16 weeks
  • 4 semesters (including summer)
  • 11 courses total
  • 24-30 students per cohort
  • All classes except electives taken with cohort
  • Begins in August
  • Standard CSU graduate tuition and fees, dependent on CA residency. Around $14k total for in-state tuition, $26k total for out-of-state

Fully online

This program is offered as a self support program, and charges $580 per credit. If you are interested in the MIST Fully online, please visit Cal State Online Program. For more information contact Ryan Eller at (831) 582-4790, or

  • All coursework online, no face to face meetings on campus
  • 16 month program
  • 1-2 courses for 8 weeks
  • 8 terms (including summer)
  • 11 courses total
  • 25 students per cohort
  • All classes taken with cohort
  • Begins in August
  • Offered through CSU Online and Extended Education Program
  • $580 per unit (same rate for in-state and out-of-state), around $20k total

Graduate Certificate Programs

The Instructional Science and Technology Fully online and Blended certificate programs are for professionals working in all levels of education, private industry, or governmental institutions, who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in designing effective and efficient instructional programs enhanced by interactive technologies. The certificate will allow students to be able to design, develop, implement, and evaluate instructional programs, implement new teaching and learning technologies, and develop practical web-based design and project management skills.

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Program Overview

International Partnership with ATM English


The MIST Program has entered a partnership with English Teaching Training and Education company ATM English based out of Shanghai, China. This unique partnership allows teachers, educators, and administrators in China to pursue the MIST graduate degree program. These students will visit California State University, Monterey Bay campus to learn more about the US education system and work with domestic MIST students to enrich the overall cohort learning experience. This partnership will allow all of our students a unique opportunity to learn educational, instructional design, and management practices that are used outside of the United States!