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Above and Beyond 20+ Hours per Week

To support and facilitate the development of an excellent answer to this question for each individual student, School of Computing & Design gives you support and space to become part of a learning community and go above and beyond:

To achieve maximum results, we believe students MUST work 20+ hours a week beyond class time on their academic and personal growth! Go Above & Beyond!

Find out more about our academic support activities below and visit this page regularly for updates. Write to us at if you have any questions or suggestions.

  • Join computer science college students from throughout California in a program designed to help you hone your problem solving skills, prepare for technical and non-technical interviewing, and ultimately get you started in a meaningful summer work experience. Learn more about the program and apply.

  • Tutor Support

    You have access to support from tutors for your major and general courses. Below is a list of some support services on campus. You can learn more about general tutor support by checking out the Collaborative Learning Center.

    Computer Science and Communication Design Support (TA++)

    All TA++ office hours are held online.

    Writing Support (Collaborative Learning Center)

    The Cooperative Learning Center engages a community of diverse learners in peer-to-peer collaboration to develop study skills, habits of mind, and knowledge essential for interdisciplinary learning.

    • One on one Zoom appointments
    • Recorded feedback on uploaded work
    • Writing groups
    • Ask-a-tutor forum on iLearn for citation questions

    Math Support (Collaborative Learning Center)

    CLC also supports the following courses in Mathematics and Statistics: MATH 100, 115, 130, 150, 151, 170, 308, and 309; STAT 100 and 250.

  • The School of Computing and Design provides certain software to its students. To obtain this software please fill out the request form below. Communication Design students may access the department's large format printer for their class projects.

    The CSUMB Information Technology department also makes some software available for students for free or discounted prices.

  • TA++ is the School of Computing and Design's teaching assistant program, where a student who has successfully taken a course will be hired to not only assist the professor but also support student learning. TAs help by attending the class lectures and/or labs, grading, and holding review sessions and drop-in office hours.

    Mission and Vision

    TA++ Mission: TA++ Members are relentless about helping the School of Computing and Design students meet their course learning outcomes in a way that is proactive, positively empowering, and professional.

    TA++ Vision: Every student who has a TA++ member as a TA will feel well supported to understand the course material.

    TA++ Alumni Testimonials


    Being a member of TA++ since the early days of the program, I’ve had an awesome experience watching the program evolve to its current state. During my time in TA++ I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many students in the CS department. Getting to know so many students and helping them understand key Computer Science concepts like Data Structures and Algorithms has certainly been a rewarding experience for me. I credit my experience as a TA++ with helping me grow professionally as well. Being a TA++ has given me marketable skills for applying to internships and jobs. Most notably, TA++ has helped me develop my ability to communicate well with others by helping me polish my ability to explain programming concepts. Additionally, TA++ has granted me an opportunity to get to know CS faculty better than I could’ve as a normal student, which I have valued highly when seeking internship and job opportunities for after college.



    TA++ has been a huge part of my college career and has helped me bridge the gap between academia and my professional career. When you go out into the real world, one of the top things companies are looking for is for you to be able to communicate with and teach others. TA++ has helped me excel in all those areas. I started this program after my first programming course, and it has made me a better computer scientist because of it. Not only did I make great connections with professors and faculty, but I also made relationships and gained experience by interacting with hundreds of students from all areas of CS.



    One of the most impactful experiences I have had during my college career has to be my time in the TA++ program. I entered the program in the final semester of my senior year as a TA++ for CST 334. This opportunity not only gave the me chance to spread the academic knowledge I had on the subject matter, but also gave me the chance to make connections with peers that I otherwise wouldn’t have met, develop stronger relationships with instructors and TA++ staff, and to generally improve my communication skills. Not only was this experience enjoyable, but I would say it even matured me to where this became an effective bridge from my academic life into my industry life. Being part of a program like TA++ is something I highly recommend to all students, it helps you see what aspects about yourself are already strongly developed and gives you the opportunity and support to further improve weaker aspects. Thanks to the TA++ program I feel like an extremely capable engineer and have the experiences to back it up.


    Any students interested in participating in the TA++ program should contact Dr. Joshua Gross <jgross@csumb>.