Cooperative Learning Center

Tutoring and academic support

The Cooperative Learning Center engages a community of diverse learners in peer-to-peer collaboration to develop study skills, habits of mind, and knowledge essential for interdisciplinary learning. 

First day of Spring tutoring- Monday, January 29th. 

Use the table below to find information regarding the courses we support in one of our subject areas.

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Writing & Reading All courses supported 

What we offer:

List of writing tutors and their majors

Writing: Course essays and projects, research writing, personal statements, resumes and cover letters  (lower-division, upper-division, and graduate)
Reading: Strategies for reading textbooks, scholarly articles, assignment prompts, and more (lower-division, upper-division, and graduate)
Languages                                                        Courses Supported 

What we offer:

  • Group sessions
  • Language refresher sessions
  • Conversation groups
American Sign Language (ASL)          ASL 101, ASL 102, ASL 201
Japanese (JAPN) JAPN 101, JAPN 102, JAPN 201, JAPN 340, JAPN 350
Spanish (SPAN) SPAN 101, SPAN 102, SPAN 201, SPAN 212, SPAN 340 & 350      
Italian (ITAL) ITAL 101, ITAL 102, ITAL 201
Mathematics and Statistics Courses Supported

What we offer:

  • Group sessions
  • Drop-in sessions
Mathematics (MATH)            Math 100, 115, 130, 150, 151, 170, 250, and 265                                                                            
Statistics (STAT) STAT 100 
SI* for Biology, Chemistry, and Stats

What we offer:

  • Supplemental Instruction (SI) are regularly scheduled collaborative study groups, planned by an SI leader that works closely with your instructor.

  Courses Supported 
Chemistry (CHEM) CHEM 110 and 111
Biology (BIO) BIO 210, 211, 311
Math MATH 150
Statistic (STAT)  STAT 250
Business (BUS) Courses Supported

What we offer:

  • Group Sessions
  • Drop-in sessions
Business (BUS)

BUS 203, 205, 299, 307, 308, 309, 350, and 383

Technology Courses Supported

What we offer:

  • Group sessions
CST-Computer Science  CST 205, CST 231, CST 251, CST 252, CST 263, CST 329, CST 338, CST 352, , and CST 370
General Technology   CSUMB Dashboard, Google Suite, Basic Excel, Canvas, Research poster design, Presentation design
Peer Academic Coaching  

What we offer:

Study skills, Time Management, Organization, and more!