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Academic Support Services

What did you do that no one made you do?

This is the most important question for candidates need to answer at interviews, according to every industry leader we have spoken with. What did you do that was above and beyond simply attending class and doing the minimum work required? Your answer to this question demonstrates your commitment, motivation, passion, work ethic, problem solving skills, teamwork skills and positive attitude, all qualities that make you stand out in applications to industry or graduate school.

Above and Beyond 20+ Hours per Week

To support and facilitate the development of an excellent answer to this question for each individual student, School of Computing & Design gives you support and space to become part of a learning community and go above and beyond:

To achieve maximum results, we believe students MUST work 20+ hours a week beyond class time on their academic and personal growth! Go Above & Beyond!

Find out more about our academic support activities below and visit this page regularly for updates. Write to us at if you have any questions or suggestions.

School of Computing & Design

(831) 582-3621