College of Science

School of Computing and Design


Can I apply to both programs?

No, when applying please choose only one program since there are limited spaces available in each cohort.

Can I apply to one program and if I get accepted can I then switch to the other?

No, if you apply to the MIST Fully Online program and are accepted but wish to attend the MIST Blended you would need to apply separately to the blended program.

Can I defer my enrollment?

No, if you wish to wait until the following year to attend you would have to re-apply.

Can I take a leave of absence?

Yes, leave of absence are allowed for one year. Since the program is cohort based students who take a leave of absence would have to wait one semester or one year depending on what classes are still needing to be completed.

When should I apply for financial aid?

Filling out the FAFSA should be done as soon as you apply to the program however, financial aid information won’t be available to students until they have been admitted into the program and matriculated (meaning the enrollment confirmation fee has been paid) by the admission office.

Is there student housing available on campus for grad students?

Yes, for the MIST Blended program. See the Student Housing & Residential Life website for more information for on campus housing.

Campus housing is available students in the the MIST Fully Online program.

Can I use my CSU staff fee waiver for the MIST program?

Yes, you can use you CSU fee waiver for the MIST Blended program. Please check with your Human Resources department for more information before you apply.

You can also use your CSU fee waiver for the MIST Fully Online program.

How is CA residency determined for the MIST Blended program?

Generally, establishing California residency for tuition purposes requires a combination of physical presence and intent to remain indefinitely. An adult who, at least one full year prior to the residence determination date for the term in which enrollment is contemplated, can demonstrate both physical presence in the state combined with evidence of intent to remain in California indefinitely may establish California residency for tuition purposes.

See Determination of Residency in the official university catalog for more information.