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Transfer Cohort Success

What did you do that no one made you do?

Time and time again, we hear from industry leaders that this is the most important question for candidates who interview at top companies. “What did you do that was above and beyond simply attending class and doing the minimum work required?” Your answer to this question demonstrates your commitment, motivation, passion, work ethic, problem solving skills, teamwork skills and positive attitude - all qualities that make you stand out in applications to industry or graduate school.

To assist incoming transfer students to make the best use of the resources available to support their success, become part of a learning community, and assimilate into the CS culture of above & beyond, we recommend the following important actions:

Verify your readiness for the rigorous curriculum of CS@CSUMB

Preferably, you already will have taken the equivalent of CST 231: Problm-Solving/Programng (4 units) & CST 238: Introduction to Data Structures (4 units). It will be great if you also have taken the equivalent of MATH 170: Discrete Mathematics (4 units) or at least MATH 130: Precalculus (5 units).

  • If you have not taken these classes, it will be okay. However, you may need to plan for the possibility of an additional semester or year to graduate.
  • If you have taken equivalent classes, verify your knowledge is current and complete through the Articulation Verification Tests.
  • Based on your performance in these tests, consider retaking a course at CSUMB if you don’t feel you are ready for the next level.

Have a plan for your time at CSUMB.

  • Jessica Pinales ( is the academic advisor for CS students. She is your new best friend. Read her emails and follow her instructions/guidance.
  • Timeline for the next few months:

- Ongoing: Email communication and remote appointments with Jessica

- Center for Advising, Career and Student Success- Webinars and helpful resources

- June 10, 16, 17: Orientation dates

- June 21: Registration opens - be sure to know which classes to register for fall

- Aug 20 (tentative): College of Science Orientation Sessions - TBD

- Aug 26: First class for CST300 - your proseminar class will guide you through the rest of your plan

- Aug 26: Plan to attend CS Internship Symposium from 12-4pm to learn about the internships CS students completed during summer 2016. The keynote speech will be given by Peter Norvig, Director of Research at Google

  • Plan your fall schedule with flexibility to be able to participate in study times, review sessions, internship workshops and other support services

Prepare, prepare & prepare

There are dozens of excellent online resources for practicing and improving your computer science and math skills. It doesn’t matter which you choose, but it’s important that you complete them. Here are a few of our favorites:

If you have strong CS knowledge/skills and are interested in helping other students, consider applying to be a TA++. Please note TA++ is competitive and most positions could be already filled by current students.

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