College of Science

School of Computing and Design

Overview of Program

These are the required general education outcomes that are common for all major areas at CSUMB. The ULRs are generally completed as part of lower division studies.

Major ProSeminar

This required course introduces students to the major. It is taken when the student has completed their GE requirements and begins taking upper level courses in the major. During the proseminar, students work with their advisor to design their learning plan, choosing which courses will be most relevant to their goals. The learning plan is a living document that is reviewed by the student and their advisor on a yearly basis.


  • Game Design
  • Visual Design
  • Web Design

Major courses

These classes entail collaborative projects, fieldwork, seminars, and independent work, and are designed to prepare students for the capstone project experience. The Communication Design major has a set of Core Outcomes (required of all CD majors), Concentration Outcomes (select one from seven), and Advanced Outcomes (required of all CD majors).

Advanced outcomes or capstone project sequence

Students enroll in Capstone courses during the last two semesters of their program. Over the course of the year, Capstone students will create a professional quality project such as an identity package, website, or mobile application.

Capstone students can work individually or in teams of 3 to 5 people. For example, students with different specialties work as a team to create and design audio, video, graphic and literary content, employ the latest available telecommunications or instructional technology, and create new systems and applications as needed. They also are responsible for the production management and financial planning of their project.

Projects can be generated by industry requests, academic need and/or personal vision. Entrepreneurial activity is encouraged. In addition to the community service component of the program, all students in this major are encouraged to participate in off-campus employment in an area relevant to their field(s) of study.