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Message from the School Founding Director Dr. Eric Tao

SCD Founding Director Dr. Eric Tao
Dr. Eric Tao, Founding Director, 2003-2015, School of Computing and Design at California State University Monterey Bay

The innovative, multi-discipline School of Computing and Design is founded in 2003* with a strong mission - change the world with advanced technology. Each of our outstanding degree programs: B.S. Communication Design, B.S. Computer Science, M.S. Instructional Science and Technology, M.S. Management & Information Technology are committed to developing graduates who can apply state-of-the-art information technology to solve real world problems in a socially responsible way. In addition to the technical knowledge and skills they master, graduates of the School excel in communication, collaborative work and innovation.

Our programs are also leading the charge in the new era of technology education; our cutting-edge faculty excels both in research and education; our instruction integrates both timeless theoretical foundation and timely real-world skills. For example, in 2012, we started the "CS-in-3", a program that allows students to complete their BS CS degree in three year; in 2014, with a grant from California state government, we designed and launched the first completely online Computer Science degree program among the California's public universities.

Started at CSUMB campus almost 20 years ago, I established SCD (former iTCD) in 2003 and a sister organization Institute for Innovation and Economic Development in 2009, I have opportunity to interact with most of our graduates and have observed them grow into well-rounded professionals over the years they studied in the School. I am confident that the unique education our students received make them a significant asset to any organization, especially in a business environment that is change driven and globally relevant. I personally select and mentor each of the faculty and staff in the School to assure that we keep the highest caliber talents in our classrooms, design studios and laboratories. Our track records of successful graduates and multimillion research funding and donation attest to the dedication and success of the School.

I am extremely proud of our achievements of the School of Computing and Design and appreciate the privilege of working many outstanding, talented and dedicated students, faculty and staff members over the 12 years.

I encourage everyone to join the School of Computing and Design as either a student, faculty, staff, researcher, donor, advisory council member or industry sponsor and push forward the mission of making the world a better place via research, development, teaching and learning in the exciting fields of Computing and Design.

Dr. Eric Y. Tao

Professor and Founding Director

School of Computing and Design at

California State University Monterey Bay

*School is established in 2003 - the previous organization 1995-2002 is called Institute for Communication Science and Technology. It is merged into Information Technology and Communication Design after 2002 then School of Computing & Design.