College of Science

School of Computing and Design

Computer Science Capstone Festival Fall 2022

Friday, Dec. 16, 2022
12:00 - 1:30PM

Virtual Medical

Christopher Lendechy | Matthew Fernandez | Ryan Lampkin | Nayan Gupta

cs team01 f22

Patient Care Reports (PCR) take up too much valuable time from healthcare workers. Virtual Medical can expedite the time and allow healthcare workers to better assist the community. Using Machine Learning, our models confidently predict over 50% of the total attributes associated with patient transfer PCR forms. We have also created a Web Interface to visualize the model's predictions vs the actual values.


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Knob Simulator

Raul Ramirez | Xinyuan Zhang | Lucas Kotowski | Mark Trantham | Orion Furnish

cs team02 f22

Knob Simulator is a 2D platformer with a twist of unconventional controls and real time card-dynamic-combat. Explore the treacherous regions of Glitchlands, meet friendly companions, and battle your way through diverse enemy groups. Will you escape the simulation or succumb to its wrath?


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Apple Watch Student Picker (WaSP)

Christopher Cisneros | Jose Barroso | Amy Wall | Rajveer Saini

cs team03 f22

Professors, today, spend a lot of their class time waiting for students to volunteer or choosing a student to answer the question that they asked. As technology continues to grow, the time spent on this issue should be able to be decreased. Over thousand of applications currently exist in the Apple Store, but not a single application to help a professor randomly choose a student directly from their Apple Watch is available. The iOS app, Watch Student Picker (WaSP), with watchOS integration, helps improve productivity and optimize the time spent during each class. This application allows instructors to add different course student rosters, quickly navigate through courses, and select a random student straight from their watch.


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Open Energy Dashboard

Dylan Hill | Hasem Trejo | Bryan Fowles | Tyler Johnson-Haro

cs team04 f22

Our project is called Open Energy Dashboard (OED). It is an open source website that allows the user to input data for energy consumption of different meters and graph it with different units of their choice such as dollars, kilowatts, BTUs, etc. The user can download the data for each meter in different CSV files. They can also share the link of the generated graph with other users.


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Class Scheduler

Ari Garcia | Olisemedua Onwuatogwu | Isabel Kasim

cs team05 f22

The Class Scheduler is a web application interface that allows an administrator to use a genetic algorithm to map out an optimized schedule based on resources and constraints (such as classes, classrooms, instructors, restrictions, and preferences). This would reduce human labor costs as well as increase productivity.


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dKomplex Automated Regression Tool

Jared Lopez-Leon | Justin Garcia | Monica Barrios Hernandez

cs team06 f22

DART is a web application that allows users to import their own files in order to perform regression analysis. Once a file is uploaded, users will be able to choose the type of regression they would like to run as well as identify the different dependent and independent variables to analyze. The resulting output includes calculated regression values such as coefficients and p values. 


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Ichos: Instrument Comparer

Luke Avra | Yaukhanan Mar Eshai Shimun | Cooper Steiner | Isai Molina

cs team07 f22

Ichos is an Android mobile application for smartphones that allows the user to record two different instruments. These two instruments are then analyzed and graphed using an amplitude and Fast Fourier transform metrics. Theses results in amateur musicians gaining access to professional analysis techniques saving them both time and money.


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Traffic Citation Web Interface

Alfredo Hernandez | Pedro Gutierrez Jr. | Oscar Ramirez Hernandez | Marcos Orozco Silva

cs team08 f22

The Traffic Citation Web Interface is a prototype web application that allows officers to file and submit traffic citations using any web browser on any device. These citations are stored in a persistent database and are digitally processed, providing an efficient and expedited citation processing solution for the Monterey Superior Court.


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OED Group Page

Rebeca Chavez | Osman Safi | Abigail Cuevas | Jose Alvarez

cs team09 f22

Our group of software engineers has collaborated with the Open Energy Dashboard to modify their front end page to include improved user accessibility to the creation of energy measurement modals by the site's users and admin. With these modal modifications, those in the sustainability community will have quick and simple access to their energy measurement needs, whether to analyze their data in energy usage or to provide energy data to potential organizations looking to minimize their energy usage.


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