College of Science

School of Computing and Design

CS Mission

The CS program is committed to build a comprehensive program that provides excellent educational opportunities to our students through high quality courses, academic success support and advising services, internship and research & development opportunities, and learning communities through our cohort based program.

This commitment drives the five year outcomes identified below. These outcomes are divided into three categories based on whether we believe they depend primarily on educational institutions, industry partners or both.

Educational institutions

  • Increase retention and graduation rate to over 75% for incoming freshmen
  • Streamline transfer pathways with top five feeder community colleges to increase the percentage of transfer students graduating in 2 years to over 75%

Educational institutions and industry partners

  • Increase the percentage of women in the CS program to over 30%
  • Increase the percentage of underrepresented students in the CS program to over 30%
  • Improve academic quality, rigor and content to produce well prepared graduates with high demand technical skills and 21st century skills

Industry partners

  • Have at least 50 students each summer in paid internships
  • Engage industry partners to develop mentoring relationships, guest lectures, offer courses and guide students to job opportunities


Over the years CS program has developed proposals to lay the foundation to achieve these outcomes and received external funding to support these efforts. Sample external funds include:

  • National Science Foundation - Advanced Technology Education Program ($750K)
  • National Science Foundation - Scholarships for STEM (S-STEM) Program ($650K)
  • California Public Utility Commission - Mobile App development and broadband performance measurement research and development project ($950K)
  • National Science Foundation - STEP - 10K Program ($1.1M)
  • Matsui Foundation’s commitment to CS-In-3 Program (~$4M over five years)
  • Monterey Peninsula Foundation support to Peer Mentoring/Tutoring ($40K)
  • Firetide Mesh Test Network ($60K)
  • Google’s CS4HS ($20K)