College of Science

School of Computing and Design

CS++ Learning Community

Join CS++ and become part of a learning community with other incoming freshmen studying computer science. Over the course of your time at CSUMB, your cohort will take most of your classes together, study together, and receive significant additional support including enrichment sessions, tutoring, project work, and guidance to apply for competitive internship experiences. As part of the CS++ program, you also will be eligible for a need-based scholarship of up to $10K.

As a CS++ Scholar you...

Commit to:

  • Follow a predetermined course pathway that will lead to graduation in 4 years
  • Continuously demonstrate your commitment to the success of both you and your cohort through your work ethic, responsible behavior, and professionalism
  • Participate in all CS++ enrichment activities averaging 3-5 hours per week
  • Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA with a 'C' or better in all courses at CSUMB

Have access to:

  • Early course registration that guarantees pathway courses
  • A need-based scholarship totaling up to $10K over 4 years
  • A summer workshop experience prior to starting the program, hosted in collaboration with industry partners and engineers
  • Career and internship preparation assistance through workshops, industry networking opportunities, and even internship placements based on your academic performance
  • A learning community with study groups, enrichment, and tutoring for all CS++ participants
  • CS++ is open to any incoming freshman majoring in computer science in the fall. You MUST apply to CSUMB and be admitted to CSUMB to be part of CS++. Applicants should be ready to take pre-calculus (MATH 130) and college-level English (HCOM 211) their first semester at CSUMB. If you are not math and/or English-ready or are not sure, you can still apply and we will work with you to determine the best path forward.

    You must apply to and be accepted to CSUMB in order to participate in CS++. However, you will go through the admissions processes for both CS++ and CSUMB simultaneously. CS++ will be offering conditional acceptance to qualified candidates throughout the spring. Please note that if you are accepted to CS++ prior to being admitted to CSUMB, this acceptance is conditional and will be contingent upon you being admitted to and confirming enrollment at CSUMB. Please complete this form to communicate your interest in CS++ to us and if you would like to hear more information from us:

  • The CS++ application period for Fall 2022 opens in November 2021. There are two critical pieces to the application process, which will happen simultaneously:

    Applications to CS++ will be reviewed starting in January 2022 and students who meet minimum qualifications will be invited to one of the group interview dates in spring. Offers of acceptance will be extended on a rolling basis until the cohort is full. All CS++ acceptance offers are conditional until the student is admitted and confirms enrollment at CSUMB.

  • The third column in the table indicates whether the item is related to CSUMB admissions or CS++ admissions.

    DateActivity/ItemCSUMB or CS++
    October 1 - December 15, 2021 Application filing period for CSUMB CSUMB
    October 1, 2021 CS++ online application opens CS++
    March 31, 2022 Priority deadline for CS++ applications CS++
    January - May, 2022 Group video interviews for CS++ CS++
    March - April, 2022 Notification of admission to CSUMB CSUMB
    May 1, 2022 Deadline to confirm enrollment at CSUMB CSUMB
    June 15, 2022 Final date to apply to CS++ CS++
    June 30, 2022 Final notifications of acceptance to CS++ CS++


  • CS++ kicks off with an hybrid summer bridge experience aimed at building a strong cohort community, introducing you to Computer Science, and laying the foundation for habits and strategies that will ensure your success in the first year of college. During summer bridge, you will have the opportunity to interact with engineers and our alums at some of our industry partners, which may include Amazon, Apple, DoorDash, Google, Lyft, Quizlet, Slack, Salesforce, Uber, VMWare, etc,. .

    More details about the BECS workshop will be communicated during and after the interview.

  • Because of the increased time commitment and expectation that CS++ students will go above and beyond in their academic pursuits, students accepted into CS++ are eligible for a scholarship. This is a need-based scholarship (available to students who have unmet financial need according to FAFSA) of up to $10K total over 5 semesters. The scholarship is distributed as a maximum of $2K per semester starting the first semester in the program. As long as students maintain good standing with CS++, they remain eligible for this scholarship.

  • If you have any questions, please write to