College of Science

School of Computing and Design

Communication Design Capstone Festival Spring 2021

Capstone Projects


Nicole Freeman

nicole f pic

Recycli is an artificially intelligent mobile application for recycling, created as a final interactive high-fidelity prototype following an end-to-end UX design process. With Recycli, users can quickly scan and be informed of how to correctly dispose of items, and see the impact their actions make. Additionally, they can engage in recycling challenges to test their knowledge and discover environmentally sustainable information. 

CSUMB Inclusivity And Diversity Rebrand

Rochelle Ayana Cabero | Faye Mensah | Justin Tyler | Marco Pena

team inclusive pic

The students of this school speak proudly of its forward thinking, innovative opportunities, and inclusively diverse community. However the website does not reflect Cal State Monterey Bay's true image. To make this into a reality, Rochelle Ayana Cabero as the Art Director, Justin Tyler the partner for this capstone who is also the game Developer, Faye Mensah as the Game & Visual Designer, and Marco Peña as the Graphic Designer. As designers and students of this school, we felt it is necessary to provide a possible rebrand that gives prospective students and curious onlookers a stronger insight into who CSUMB is and what we stand for. In light of our global community, we framed the site to reveal an otter inclusive union. To help further show the strong attachment to diversity this school has to offer, we also implemented a user friendly mini-game to help those who aren’t as informed as others. By doing this, people will receive a look on CSUMB’s ethical side with much more ease than before.

n8vboy Brand Identity

Serena Toney

toney pic

n8vboy is a dance music producer based in Yakima, WA. He focuses on mumba and trap styled music, but is very experimental. Every producer needs memorable branding to accompany their music in order build publicity and a loyal fan base. n8vboy lacked a sophisticated logo and website to represent his brand. I created a branding kit, merchandise mockups, and a website with matching fonts, style and themes. A major focus of this project is to not only represent the music through the bright colors, but to also pay tribute to the client’s Native American heritage.

Be Afraid Do It Anyway

Lexi Branon

lexi pic

“Be Afraid, Do It Anyway” is a children’s book I wrote and illustrated. The book educates children on historic figures who experienced fear or anxiety in their lives and still accomplished their goals. Some of these figures include Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Mahatma Gandhi, Ruby Bridges, and more. My goal was to use my illustration, layout, and typography skills learned within my concentration to help children who may be experiencing anxiety to feel more educated and empowered. 

PJ Grafx Website Redesign

victoria pic

A redesigned website for PJ Grafx that showcases the graphic design, desktop publishing, custom programming, and training services that the company provides to individuals and businesses throughout Monterey County. 

The Productive Planner

Yvonne Rendon

yvonne pic

The Productive Planner is a Yearly Planner targeted for students. The main focus of this project is for it to have an organized layout and content that is suited for the users. With no dates and no pressure, The Productive Planner allows you to fill in dates and tasks customized to your liking. 

Little Blue Book-community story book

Alisha Lee

lee pic

This book is a compilation of stories provided by the community. It has a unique design in which the pages have a dark background with light text instead of the traditional light background with dark text. This was a passion project that was inspired by a childhood memory where I had participated in something similar. Each story is unique and from the heart, paired with just as fantastic artwork. The purpose of Little Blue Book is to bring the community together to participate and celebrate creativity. 

Volunteer Game

AJ Samudio | Christian Tidwell | Sam Livingston

samudio team pic

For our capstone project, we worked on a 2D pixel art, agricultural simulated video game. The game's message is supposed to express why volunteerism is very important socially and why it is overlooked within the community. The targeted audience are for gamers and non-gamers with simplistic gameplay and storytelling. This project is also for Community Builders for Monterey Bay (CBMC), our client.


Aquib Sattar | Lawrence Tran

sattar pic

Our app, JAM, was created to help musicians across the world from just the tip of their fingers. Our reasoning for this application was to create a social app with a purpose, which is to create music. We started building this application last year right when the Covid-19 pandemic started. It became super hard to find other musicians to collaborate with and create new and amazing music. We then decided to create our app JAM which allows musicians to find other musicians with a different skill and try to collaborate with to create a band, new music, and an amazing friendship.

Apartment 308

Brian Garcia

garcia pic

Apartment 308 is a YouTube channel where I host three different podcasts. Each one of these shows talk about experiences as college students and also our opinions about certain topics. We also try to learn more about the world we live in. For this channel it needed a solid brand identity and more exposure to make the channel entertaining.

Story Of Cannery Row

Calvin Norwood

norwood pic

This storybook-inspired, mobile website tells the history of Cannery Row through illustrations. Learn about the rise and fall of the cannery industry and the figures who lived on the historic street. Tapping on highlighted objects will bring up historical photos and additional information. The website features a “map” of Cannery Row which acts as the navigation menu. This website was made with Adobe Illustrator, HTML, CSS, and JS.

Travieso Winery Redesign

Dominique Gomez

gomez pic

Travieso Winery is a small urban winery that started operations in 2005 in Campbell, CA. They needed a website that reflects their “bad boy” brand. Their redesigned website was built using a front-end builder and launched on a CMS platform. This allows making minor changes to the site easy for non web developers.

Hex Estate & Winery branding, packaging and web design

Diana Garcia Davalos

diana pic

Hex Estate & Winery was designed to inspire rebrands across the industry, There are thousands of great wines out there and some hide behind unimpressive packaging. Hex shows winemakers and owners that branding, packaging and web design design can stray from the typical and work to their advantage instead of against itself. Reflecting the same values, and graphic identity throughout all platforms builds a strong brand identity, which is more likely to guarantee people to remember your brand. The goal is to lure, entice, and evoke feelings of excitement and discovery. To make sure the experience of buying was just as exciting as the experience of consuming, creating a returning/loyal customer.

Radiance Boutique

Jade Murray

jade pic

Radiance Boutique is a new and unique beauty experience, located in Los Angeles, CA. Their space solely provides beauty services related to makeup applications, facials, waxing, and more; in an effort to naturally enhance one’s radiant beauty. My capstone project helped in giving them a brand identity and digital presence with a logo, website, and online business presence. 

Forever Two Wheels

Jeremy Sommer

sommer pic

Forever Two Wheels Racing is a small business established in 2010 located in the Sacramento area. Although this company is well-known around the local area, and has products to sell, they do not have a platform to brand themselves properly to sell products, other than social media such as Instagram. Forever Two Wheels racing was needing a website to showcase their products and upload cool motorcycle riding and racing content such as videos, photos, and blog posts.


Jose Gallardo

jose pic

PT Workzone is a mobile application that assists Personal Trainers to manage and track their clients all in one place. They will have the ability to create fully customized workout plans, track their clients' exercise progress effortlessly and schedule 1 on 1 meetings. Managing your clients could not get any Easier! 

Elsy Clothing Co Website Creation

Kevin Castillo

castillo pic

Elsy clothing company is a website and graphic identity project for a real brand that has been solely based on social media platforms with no real brand identity or even a website with integrated ecommerce capabilities. This project was to develop a coherent graphic identity for the brand as well as the website using specifications given by the client.