College of Science

School of Computing and Design

Communication Design Capstone Festival Fall 2020

WHEN: Friday, Dec. 18, 2020 at 12:00PM - 1:30PM

WHERE: Virtual Room

Just The Juice

Elias Castro

elias pic

Presentation video

Just the Juice is a branding and visual identity project for a fictional juice press company based in Sacramento, Ca. Created using multiple industry standard programs, the project aims to be a modern, multimedia portfolio piece.

Odds World Portfolio

Cheyenne Goddard

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Presentation video

“Odd’s World” is a project to create a personal character design-based portfolio that introduces diversity and community. It seeks to address what content creators look for in a designer. In Game Design, character defines the way a player interacts with a story. It's the product of a team. Simple, memorable and relatable, odd’s world is my graduating project to show that I have learned, grown and built as a game design student. Pushing my dream to a possible reality.


Bianca Calderon | Tavia Eckhart

bianca tavia

Presentation video

Wednesdays’ is a new thrifting site where you can buy and donate. The clothing will be sorted to fit today's popular “aesthetics” (ex. e-girl, cottagecore) and will be a place for all sizes, ages, genders, and ethnicities. It will help reduce clothing waste in the landfills and show that even thrifted clothing can fit today's trends. We also aim for it to be affordable much like any in-person thrift store. Website Redesign

Benjamin Jex

benjex pic

Presentation video

A new website made with user-centered design for the Institute's visitors; solves existing problems interfering with user goals of entertainment and information.

benjex logo

Qunye Ceiling Co.Ltd redesign Website

Chia-Wei Tseng (Vivian)

vivian pic

Presentation video

Qunye Ceiling Co.Ltd is specializing in ceiling engineering my purpose is to rebuild the website and to redesign the logo to make it more effective and smarter.


Julie Vang

vang pic

Presentation video

ZamHmong is a small business established in 2019 and located in Sacramento, CA. They sell traditional Hmong outfits and Hmong-inspired clothing for women and men. Although they have a good amount of following from their social media accounts, their website falls behind on delivering a greater presence. They wanted the website redesign to best represent their business and to showcase their items better.

Sam's Photo Journey Across the U.S.

Yu-Sheng Chang (Sam)

yuseng pic

Yushengphotography is an exhibitive website that showcases statewide photography taken by Yu Sheng in the year of 2020.

yuseng logo

Dimension Five

Ricky Calautti

ricky pic

Presentation video

Dimension Five a community first, a brand second. Come together and keep up to date with the latest news, cop the latest merch, and join upcoming events with the new Dimension Five website.

A Visitor's Guide to Riverside

Julia Magnelli


Presentation video

A Visitor’s Guide to Riverside is an easy to use guide that highlights ten popular places to see when visiting the city. The guide utilizes illustrations to capture the essence of the site and, hopefully, entice the reader to see more in person. Readers can follow the suggested route in the guide or simply visit the sites that interest them the most.