College of Science

School of Computing and Design

Communication Design Capstone Festival Fall 2022

Friday, Dec. 16, 2022
10:00 - 11:30AM

The Art of Mirna Gonzalez Zine

Mirna Gonzalez | Visual Design

Mirna Gonzalez pic

Calico Creative presents The Art of Mirna Gonzalez, an illustrational art Zine that features the works of Mirna Gonzalez in a printed format. This project aimed to create a self-published Zine that presents Mirna’s illustrations and showcases the applied graphic design skills she has learned at CSU Monterey Bay. Mirna intended to create a challenging experience by designing and publishing a Zine that is personal to her but in a format accessible to a broad audience that can learn more about her and her art.


mirna poster

Soul Collector Game

Mauricio Vega | Alex Wooddy | Raeann Anaya
Game Design    Web Design     Game Design

Grimey group pic

Grimey, the character, is a troubled grim reaper who does not want to follow his family values by collecting souls from people who are not ready to pass on yet. His goal is to find those souls and help them find their way back to the living world before the clock hits zero.


grimey poster

Midnight Moon Bakery & Cafe

Monica Ocampo | Visual Design

monica ocampo pic

Inspired by my first trip abroad and passion for cooking, Midnight Moon Bakery & Cafe came to be. Based on the cafe culture seen in South Korea, Midnight Moon Bakery & Cafe combines not only calming and lovely aesthetics, but delicious treats, pastries and coffee. By creating the brand identity and marketing materials for Midnight Moon, this brings me one step closer to my dream of opening a location in the Bay Area in the near future.


monica ocampo poster

Evelyn’s Restaurant

Nancy Escobedo | Web Design

nancy escobedo pic

Evelyn’s Restaurant is a family-owned business located in Marina, that opened in 2019. It's a mix of American and Salvadorian, allowing them to serve a variety of dishes. This Capstone Project aims to improve their online presence by marketing their food and story via a website, social media, and outdoor advertising such as signs that will attract customers to come in and try their delicious food.


nancy escobedo poster

Jordyn Rich Hairstylist

Nicole Safty | Web Design

nicole safty  pic

Jordyn Rich is a hairstylist in Ripon, California who hired me to help with her personal brand. She requested a portfolio website, a personal logo and new business cards as well. The website itself is designed with displaying her portfolio in mind, the site itself has a distinct look, using polaroid's as a way to display her portfolio pieces. Her logo and business cards focus on her own brand and unique sense of style.


nicole safty poster Produced

Ayokemi Popoola | Visual Design

ayokemi pic Produced it is a music producer from Los Angeles California, his music genre is  hip hop and rap which has a Cali flow. Using pianos, drums and other music engineering tools.The goal of this capstone is to create a memorable brand identity for this music producer. For this client, creating a unique and appealing brand identity will allow him to stand out in the music industry. Using my communication design skills, it’s important to put together a recognizable image for his music.


ayokemi poster

Otter Be Aware

Juan Trinidad | Visual Design

juan trinidad pic

Otter Be Aware is a mobile application that solves a problem for CSU Monterey Bay students, especially first-time students as they transition to a new environment. Providing a central hub app with resources in making them feel welcomed, informed, and safe relieves the stress and confusion of knowing where to go, how to reach out, and how to get involved.


juan trinidad poster

Bright Start Website Redesign

James Wellington | Web Design

james wellington pic

Bright Start is a reggio inspired and innovative early childhood education program that offers children a unique learning culture. Their outdoor & indoor environments have a structure & esthetics for learning, where materials become ‘thinking tools’ that intrinsically motivate children. Bright Start was dissatisfied with their old website and needed an improved design. Therefore, I created a modern website that represents a sleek and elegant, yet cheerful atmosphere.


james wellington poster

Legacy Roofing & Waterproofing

Athena Enosara | Web and Visual Design

athena winslow pic

Legacy Roofing & Waterproofing is a roofing company based in San Jose, California that specializes in roof replacement, new construction, solar energy installations, and roof maintenance and leak repairs. I had the privilege of working with this local company to redesign their existing website to improve appearance, efficiency, and usage ability.


athena winslow poster

Ramirez Masonry

Nely Flores | Web Design

nely flores pic

The client's name is Tomas and he currently works under a contractor doing Masonry work. He is currently looking to expand his own business to get his own clientele. The problem that the client currently has is not having a website since he always gets asked. As well as the client not having his own business card.


nely flores poster

Mariposa Early Education Center

Rodrigo Hernandez | Visual Design

rodrigo hernandez pic

Mariposa Early Education Center is a proposed home-based education center that brings a unique approach to early children development using play and socialization to develop cognitive and motor skills, as well as interactions with other children, all while in a comfortable environment. Mariposa will give your child confidence and a head start to their successful education.


rodrigo hernandez poster

Monterey Bay Horsemanship & Therapeutic Center

Ayline Castrejon | Visual Design

ayline pic

Monterey Bay Horsemanship & Therapeutic Center (MBHTC) is a non-profit therapeutic riding center that offers equine-assisted behavioral modification for all levels of physical and emotional needs. MBHTC’s logo does not stand out and they do not have a brand identity. Using my knowledge from my major, I created a new brand identity that fits MBHTC.


ayline poster

Caden's Creations Business Design

Caden Albertson | Visual Design

caden albertson pic

Caden's Creations is a brand that blends deep thought and witty concepts with 80's pop colors, psychedelic imagery, and the visual appeal that a perfectly shaped cube of jello would have. My goal is to connect with a younger audience with my unique perception of visual storytelling while remaining easily affordable. Caden's Creations will be storytelling of the world around us, mixed with some humor and mythological imagery here and there, through my cerebral designs.


caden poster