College of Science

School of Computing and Design

Communication Design Capstone Festival Fall 2021


9:00-11:00 am on Friday, December 17, 2021.

Soybee Website

David Moon

david moon pic

What I did for my capstone was a website for my family's small business allowing us to sell our unique food of snack products to everyone of all ages and backgrounds!

Garlic Hunt

Kristen Dick

kristen dick pic

This app is filled with fun, interactive puzzles that will allow children at Gilroy Gardens to interact with their environment as well as creating an innovative way of learning new things through the interactions at the park. The puzzles vary in difficulty and some of the puzzles are hidden. The goal is to get more achievements, earn puzzle pieces from solving the puzzles, and complete the puzzle in order to earn fun prizes. 

Blight Graphic Identity Package

Jayson Gonzales

jayson gonzales pic

Blight is a metal band located out of Fresno, CA. They started out as friends practicing together and now open for other popular bands in the Fresno area. They needed a memorable logo and brand identity to create a loyal fanbase so I created a new logo, graphic standard guide, merchandise mockups, an album cover, and instrument skins to give them a baseline to branch out from in the future.

The Lindworm

Angie Nguyen

Angie Nguyen pic

The Lindworm is a digital comic adaptation of the Danish fairy tale King Lindworm. This comic was written with a young adult audience in mind, putting a magical twist on issues that youths face today. Queer, BIPOC, and neurodivergent readers deserve to see themselves in a variety of genres, with the option to escape into fantasy worlds that not only acknowledge, but also celebrate their identities.

Black Cats Craft

Michael Owen

michael owen pic

Black Cats Craft is an ecommerce website with a complete logo design. The client was the owner of Black Cats Craft. Previously, it was a Instagram and Facebook exclusive shop that specialized in selling crystals and other crafts. They were looking to expand their shop's reach and also needed some form of brand identity. After reaching out to them, I offered to develop a website and logo for their shop. After multiple iterations and some user testing, a mobile friendly website was developed. The website was created with WordPress and I was able to show my client how they can manage the site easily. The logo was developed with Adobe Illustrator and also went through multiple design iterations. Working with my client was a great experience and I am glad that my work was able to help out a local business.

Crunch Crusaders

Leigh Adams | Sean Brown | Michael Burns | Matthew Escobar | Tyler Wilson

crunch group pic

Crunch Crusaders is a video game with the intention of bringing light to the poor conditions game designers and game developers face once they enter the workforce. Game companies have a history of “Crunch Culture” where designers and developers are forced to work long hours to create the desired product within a very short time period. These overworked employees will receive no extra compensation for these extra hours, and will more than likely experience burnout early in their careers. Our main idea is a somewhat historical take on the formation of unions within this industry with a lighthearted and comical fighting game. Our main character is based on Mother Jones, who is considered the founder of today's unions and encouraged more workers to stand up for their rights from 1871 until her death in 1930.

NEWT: The GrowBot

Kia Carrion | Micah Iwata | Brooke Pope | Chris Mendoza | Johanna Heredia

newt team pic

NEWT: The GrowBot is a third-person, 3D adventure platformer game that focuses on climate change. By making a fun, yet educational game, we hope to bring awareness to the topic. The core gameplay is a mix of puzzle solving, platforming, and working to clean the environment. You play as NEWT (New Ecosystem Wellness and Treatment). NEWT’s initial task was to destroy, but that changed after being hit on the head by an apple. As the player progresses, you discover NEWT’s true identity and purpose through collecting notebook pages. Throughout the game, you work towards cleaning up and revitalizing your surroundings. Through storytelling and gameplay, we guide the player to learn many ways to make a difference.

Loaves Fishes, and Computers Brand Redesign

Ilyas Mohammad


This is a brand and website redesign for Loaves Fishes & Computers that showcases the skills I have acquired overtime at CSUMB. I will be displaying skills from Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD. The main goal of this project was to help the LFC organization find a more professional appeal towards its future operations.

Prisilla Torres

prisilla-pic is an inventive WordPress blog for comedians who need rooms to perform Stand-up comedy in the Bay Area. These rooms are open mics that are only for Comedy, and they provide comedians a place where they can work out their material, practice their timing and delivery.

REI Co-op Virtual Outfitter

Kevin Martelli

kevin pic

REI Virtual Outfitter is a proof-of-concept mobile application that provides users with the knowledge and gear they need to get outside. The project was completed as a UX Design package through research and design, with an interactive high-fidelity prototype as the final product.

Trash Panda Clean-Up

Nicholas Kinoshita | Rodrigo Barreras

panda team pic

For our team's capstone project, we want to create a game that discusses and brings awareness to environmental issues that are occurring in our world today. The game will consist of players going through the environment collecting trash and cleaning the environment. Teaching that waste pollution doesn’t only affect humans. The game will be played from a top down perspective, similar to games like the Legend of Zelda and Stardew Valley.