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Alumni spotlight - Jacob Martinez

Jacob Martinez - MIST Alumni

Congratulations to DigitalNEST Executive Director and MIST alum, Jacob Martinez on receiving the 2020 James Irvine Foundation Leadership Award. DigitalNEST was granted $250,000 to support their work to provide community & space for career exploration, paid on-the-job training, collaboration, & access to technology to youth from working-class families in rural communities.

Jacob was honored for his tireless dedication and service toward advancing the lives of local youth, as well as looking to grow our impact in other forgotten communities surrounding the Bay Area.

Jacob works to provide youth from working-class families in rural communities with access to technology, career exploration, and paid on-the-job training.

  • Why MIST? I had been an educator for over a decade across several grade levels and subject areas, when I realized that educators consistently lacked the professional growth support that they need. I chose to seek-out the skills that would complement my talents which could enable opportunities to drive professional growth of my future colleagues. I found that CSUMB MIST faculty, fellow cohorts, and facilities illuminated my quest to be an instructional designer.

    Once I had earned the MIST degree, I soon engaged in a lengthy interview process with Lassen College, which had a Tenure-Track Faculty Instructional Designer position open for the first time. Since I have begun working with Lassen College, I have had a chance to integrate instructional design and project management principles to facilitate no fewer than nine projects on campus and beyond.

    I didn’t know where MIST would lead me, but I can assert that my career is more satisfying than ever having taken the lessons from the program and its human participants to heart. Having an opportunity to serve an entire college community with creativity and purpose feels worthwhile and even inspiring.