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The Agribusiness Concentration focuses on Supply Chain Management with class tours of ag industry sites, faculty workshops & training, and more.

BUS 437 Applied Logistics Students visit local Ag Businesses

Professor Sumadhur Shakya's BUS 437 students got a first-hand look at logistics and operations during tours of three local Ag businesses, including Floricultura with Mr. Don Howell; Oceanmist with Mr. Glen Alameda, Logistics Manager; and Andyboy with Mr. Jimmy Donangelo, Vegetable Facility Manager.

BUS 435 Students Learn About Supply Chain Management First-Hand at Monterey Mushrooms

Students in Dr. Sumadhur Shakya's Supply Chain Management (BUS 435) class toured the Monterey Mushrooms facility in Watsonville, CA, in November. Juana Gomez, a CSUMB alum, and Matt Fuller hosted the students explaining the operations of the company.

CSUMB Students of 'Applied Logistics' visit Floricultura for Class Tour

Students of BUS 437 visited Floricultura in Salinas, CA, where Mr. Don Howell, the manager for Floricultura, explained the nuances of orchids, demand from customers, day-to-day operations, and managing inventory year-round for all of its customers.

CSUMB Class of 'Supply Chain Management' visited Driscoll's for Class Tour

Students of BUS 435 visited Driscoll’s to learn about their global supply chain at their headquarters in Watsonville, CA, and the warehouse in nearby Aromas.

CSUMB Class of 'Supply Chain Management' visited OceanMist for Class Tour

Students of BUS 435 visited Oceanmist Farms in Castroville, CA, where Logistics Manager Glen Alameda provided a behind-the-scenes look at warehousing and inventory management. 

CSUMB Students of 'Supply Chain Management' Class visit Taylor Farms for Class Tour

Students of BUS 435 visited Taylor Farms in Salinas, CA to experience receiving, cooling, processing, and packaging of produce at the warehouse during a tour led by Mr. Tim Reader and Mr. Garett Sabaska.

Faculty Training Workshop using SAS Studio Culminated Successfully

August 22, 2019 – SAS Global Academic Program and the College of Business organized a 2-1/2 day workshop. The workshop was focused on how to facilitate the implementation of analytical tools that are free and easier to incorporate into the teaching curriculum for students at CSUMB. 

Incorporating Data Analysis in Teaching Using SAS University Edition/ SAS Studio

This 3-day course is designed for CSUMB faculty (FT/PT) to incorporate data analytics & quantitative techniques in their pedagogy using free resources (SAS University Edition or SAS studio) inside/outside the classroom with little to no coding in order to perform statistical analysis.

CSUMB Students of 'Applied Logistics' visit Monterey Mushrooms for Class Tour

Students of BUS 437 visited Monterey Mushrooms at the Royal Oaks Facility in California, where Ms. Juana Gomez, a CSUMB Alumna and Corporate Director of Human Resources, shared about the company's operations at the site as well as other locations across the U.S. and in Mexico. 

Students of 'Applied Logistics' visit D'Arrigo Bros. Co. of California for Class Tour

On April 23rd, 2019, students of BUS 437, visited D'Arrigo Bros. Co. of California for a class tour, led by Mr. Jimmy Donangelo, Manager of Shipping, showcasing the handling of produce at their warehouse. 

CSUMB Students of 'Applied Logistics for Vege/Fruits' visit Oceanmist Farms for Class Tour

Students of BUS 437: Applied Logistics for Vegetables and Fruit visited Oceanmist Farms in Castroville, CA, to see warehousing and inventory management on a site tour led by Logistics Manager Glen Alameda.

CSUMB Students of 'Applied Logistics for Vege/Fruits' visit Del Mar Seafood’s Inc for Class Tour

Students of BUS 437 visited Del Mar Seafoods in Watsonville, CA, to see firsthand the logistics of seafood, from inbound to processing, packing, cooling, storage, and outbound shipments. 

  • Courses in the ASCM curriculum cover post-harvest supply chain management & logistics, enterprise resource management, inventory management, and project management. View the core classes for the B.S. Business Administration degree - Agribusiness concentration in our course catalog here: Business Administration, B.S.>Concentrations>Agribusiness.

  • The Tanimura Family Foundation awards scholarships of up to $2,500 per semester to qualifying students who are declared Business Administration majors interested in pursuing careers in the agribusiness industry. The application deadline is typically in February. For details on requirements and how to apply, please visit our scholarship page

    If you have received a Tanimura Family Foundation scholarship and would like to submit a "Thank you" letter, you may do so here.

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