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BUS 435 Students Learn About Supply Chain Management First-Hand at Monterey Mushrooms

November 8, 2022

Students in Dr. Sumadhur Shakya's Supply Chain Management (BUS 435) class toured the Monterey Mushrooms facility in Watsonville, CA, in November. Juana Gomez and Matt Fuller hosted the students explaining the operations of the company. Students learned about aggregate sales and planning, and the implication of various operations such as production rates, daily harvest quantities, and order fill rates.

Matt also explained about the growing cycle of mushrooms, the production line, operations, shelf life, quality control, packaging, customer demand/desirability, inventory, and labor-related challenges. Students also met Greg Sweet, COO, who was visiting the facility from Tennessee.

Post-tour feedback suggests that the students found the tour informative and believe it strongly contributed to their learning experience. 

What students had to say about the experience:

"It [was] super informative, [seeing] how supply chain management is applied in the real world."

"It really facilitated my learning seeing how the concepts [are applied] in real life."

"Matt was amazing. He went above and beyond with the class tour."

"It gave us an insight [into a] career path we can take on."

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