College of Business

Faculty Training Workshop using SAS Studio Culminated Successfully

SAS Global Academic Program and the College of Business organized two- and half-day workshop from August 20, 2019 – August 22, 2019. The workshop was focused on how to facilitate implementation of analytical tools that are free and easier to incorporate in teaching curriculum for students at CSUMB. Analytical Training Consultant, Angela Fullenkamp, from the SAS Global Academic Program conducted the hands-on workshop for CSUMB faculty, at no cost to CSUMB. Faculties from College of Business, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and Library attended the workshop. Workshop focused on variety of analytical techniques using free software such as SAS Studio and SAS University Edition.

We thank the attendees of the workshop for their dedication during the faculty planning week, and the SAS Global Academic Program Team members.

Hands-on training in progress

Hands-on training for beginners and experienced users conducted in computer labs helped all the attendees to focus on concepts. Big Thank you to Mr. Richie Cobb, Paul, Henry and the whole CSUMB IT team to get things installed on time.

Happy Attendees at the end of the workshop.

the Attendees towards the end of the workshop got together for the group Picture

Dr. Marylou Shockley, the Chair of the College of Business giving gift

Dr. Marylou Shockley, the Chair of the College of Business gave a parting gift to Ms Angela FullenKamp, the Trainer from SAS Global Academic Programs.