College of Business

CSUMB Students of 'Supply Chain Management' Class visit Taylor Farms for Class

Students of BUS 435 visited Taylor Farms in Salinas, CA, to experience receiving, cooling, processing, and packaging of produce at the warehouse. Mr. Tim Reader and Mr. Garett Sabaska from Taylor Farms gave a detailed overview of operations at the warehouse to the students and answered various queries from the students. Students also got to see the various automation processes at the company.

We thank Mr. Marcus Shebl of Taylor Farms for his help in providing this experiential learning opportunity for students at CSUMB.

Receiving area

Product arrives at the warehouse from various farms

First-in-First-Out Inventory at the warehouse.

product is stored for processing after having been cooled.

Processing of Produce

After cooling, the Processing of the produce, to be followed by packaging and finally the shipping.