College of Business

CSUMB Class of 'Supply Chain Management' visited OceanMist for Class Tour

Students of BUS 435 visited Oceanmist Farms in Castroville, CA to learn about warehousing and inventory management. Logistics Manager Glen Alameda showed the students the workings of cooling operations of produce as it is received, stored, sorted, and labeled for shipment. Students were able to see firsthand the complexities of handling operations in a warehouse of a perishable product. Mr. Alameda also explained to the students about moving warehouse operations from various locations to provide a constant supply of products to its wholesale customers. Students were able to see the flow of the product from the floor, to receiving to cooling, sorting and storage, and finally to loading onto trucks.


Cooling Tunnels (air)

Cooling tunnels that use cool air to cool produce


Processing area

Processing area for produce


Staging Area

Staging area for preassembled order, ready to be loaded onto a truck.