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The College of Business offers undergraduate degrees in Sustainable Hospitality Management, and in Business Administration with concentrations in accounting, agribusiness, entrepreneurship, information systems, marketing, and management and international business. 

The college’s 100% Online Master of Business Administration program caters to working professionals, providing them with the opportunity to earn a master’s degree in an engaging, completely online course delivery model, with personalized instruction. 

With Business and Nonprofit Management minors, every CSUMB student has the opportunity to add valuable business skills to their area of study, gain an understanding of how successful businesses operate, and become empathetic and considerate leaders.


To become a world-renowned U.S. business college, engaged regionally and globally, for developing responsible and workforce-ready business graduates.


Excellence, Collaboration, Passion, Integrity, Innovation, Responsibility


To inspire the practice of responsible business — balancing profit, people, ethics, equity, and planet — we promote the success of our ethnically and economically diverse students by facilitating engaged learning involving real-world challenges, conduct practice-relevant research, and collaborate with community and regional partners.

Core Concepts

The QBL: Profit, People, Ethics, Equity, Planet

Strategic Purpose

The strategic purpose of the College of Business is to educate business-ready graduates who:

  • are responsible business managers and entrepreneurs balancing profit and value (Profit).
  • have concern for personal, social and community needs (People).
  • discern right from wrong and treat others with respect and dignity (Ethics).
  • address issues of equity such as serving the underserved (Equity) 
  • provide environmental stewardship (Planet).

The college’s focus areas are Accounting and Finance, Agribusiness, Business Analytics and Information Systems, Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing, and Sustainable Hospitality Management.

Responsible Business 

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CSUMB's College of Business teaches  Responsible Business and the Quintuple Bottom Line (QBL) as core concepts. The QBL goes beyond the traditional triple bottom line of profit, people and planet by incorporating ethics and equity into business and everyday decision-making.

Program goals and Major Learning Outcomes (MLO)

CSUMB College of Business graduates will:

  • Have business knowledge and skills: Understand and apply the terminology, concepts, theories, and tools of management.
  • Be effective written communicators: Produce business writing that meets professional standards.
  • Be effective oral communicators: Prepare and deliver a professional presentation.
  • Be skilled critical thinkers: Produce a critical analysis of a business scenario.
  • Be competent in quantitative skills: Analyze data using quantitative tools to support business analysis.

College of Business Strategic Plan and Fact Sheet