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To become a recognized U.S. business college, engaged regionally and globally, for developing responsible and workforce-ready business graduates.


To inspire the practice of responsible business, balancing profit, people, ethics, equity and planet, we promote the success of our ethnically and economically diverse students by facilitating engaged learning involving real-world challenges, conduct practice-relevant research and collaborate with community and regional partners.

Strategic foci: Profit, People, Ethics, Equity, and Planet

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Responsible Business is a core concept of the College of Business defined as looking at business principles and challenges through the lens of concern for Profit People,. Planet, Ethics, and Equity.

The strategic focus of the College of Business is to educate business-ready graduates who are responsible business managers and entrepreneurs balancing profit and value (Profit); a concern for personal, social, and community needs (People); concern for discerning right from wrong and treating others with respect and dignity (Ethics), concern for issues of equity such as serving the underserved (Equity) and environmental stewardship (Planet).

The College’s business area foci include Agribusiness, Sustainable Hospitality Management, Business Entrepreneurship, and Social Entrepreneurship.


Excellence | Collaboration | Passion | Integrity | Innovation | Responsibility

Strategic Plan

Program goals and major learning outcomes (MLO)

CSUMB College of Business graduates will:

  • Have business knowledge and skills - Understand and apply the terminology, concepts, theories, and tools of management
  • Be effective written communicators - Produce business writing that meets professional standards
  • Be effective oral communicators - Prepare and deliver professional presentation
  • Be skilled critical thinkers - Produce a critical analysis of a business scenario
  • Be competent in quantitative skills - Analyze data using quantitative tools to support business analysis

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