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CSUMB Students of 'Applied Logistics' visit Monterey Mushrooms for Class Tour

On April 11th, 2019, students of BUS 437 visited Monterey Mushrooms at the Royal Oaks Facility in California. Ms. Juana Gomez, Corporate Director of Human Resources, shared about the company's operations at the site as well as other locations across the U.S. and in Mexico. Mr. Matt Fuller, Manager of Monterey Mushrooms, shared the details of his career journey and gave a detailed tour of the site, explaining the various stages of growing thousands of pounds of mushrooms a day. Mr. Brian Mussetter, Logistics Manager-Western Region,  gave a detailed overview of logistics in the perishable industry, especially about the company's new venture into a stand-alone logistics business. His team also gave a first-hand demonstration of truckload planning software to the students. Students also got to see the various tracking software used by the company that help ensure the safe delivery of products to the customer. We appreciate the team at Monterey Mushrooms for helping our students in their experiential learning.

Member from Logistics Team at Monterey Mushrooms with students

Mr Brian Mussetter (logistics Manager, Western Region, Monterey Mushrooms) and members from the Logistics Team at Monterey Mushrooms shared the details of planning and operations involved with tracking, route planning and order fulfillment with students.

Students inside the cooler, product waiting to be shipped out.

Mr. Matt Fuller (Manager, Monterey Mushrooms) explaining the logistics of getting the product shipped out. Mr. Fuller also showed how the orders are created and used in transportation room.

Ms. Juana Gomez, and Dr. Angel F. Gonzalez (CSUMB) with the students at the end of the Class tour.

Ms. Juana Gomez (Corporate Director of HR, Monterey Mushrooms), and Dr. Angel F. Gonzalez (Assistant Professor of Sustainable Hospitality Management, CSUMB) with the students at the end of the Class tour.