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The faculty and students of the School of Computing and Design research new technology and create new uses for existing technology. Here are some of the projects currently underway.

IT guru tutorials

Professor Sathya Narayanan and two students, Tiffany Tachibana and Kevan Riley, developed a series of engaging lab tutorial using the OPNET IT Guru Academic Edition to introduce fundamental computer networking concepts to high school or college students. These tutorials can be used in an introductory level computer networking course to complement the theoretical and hands on activities of the course.

Mobile P2P application for Android platform

In military and disaster recovery scenarios, the ability to communicate without relying on the availability of infrastructure such as cell towers or WLAN access points is important. In this project, faculty members YoungJoon Byun, Kate Lockwood, and Sathya Narayanan and students Lawrence Keener, Frank McEntire, and Catrina Torda developed an initial design of concept for the peer-to-peer communication system on an Ad-Hoc network of smartphones. Then, they demonstrated the feasibility of the concept by developing a prototype implementation using Android Devices.

Performance modeling of delay tolerant networks (DTN)

Professor Sathya Narayanan and student Edgar Calcanas developed an analytical model to study the performance, in particular end-to-end delay, of delay/disruption tolerant networks. They also developed a simulation study using the ONE (Opportunistic Network Environment) simulator to collect delay statistics on DTN to verify the accuracy of our analytical model.

Research results were presented in CSU wide Student Research Competition at CSU Fresno on May 7th, 2011.

Wireless broadband network performance measurement tool for android platform

Faculty members YoungJoon Byun, Kate Lockwood, and Sathya Narayanan and students HaiVan Nguyen and Eric McDonald developed an Android application to automate testing of wireless broadband performance and update an online database with the collected metrics. This online database can be accessed by consumers through a click-able map to learn about the network performance at any location across California. The long term objective is to crowd source this testing by making the application available for free download to consumers resulting in complete broadband coverage information across California.

Online learning for Natividad

Dr. Bude Su led a five-person team of MIST students and alumni to develop a set of online learning modules for the Natividad Medical Center in Salinas.

Natividad Medical Center is planning to implement an electronic patient charting solution to replace its current paper charting. Natividad is a county-owned, safety-net hospital that primarily serves the underserved population of Monterey County. Most of their limited resources are put into patient care. Given these limited resources, it is nearly impossible for Natividad administration to carve out at least 24 hours over a couple of month period to train about 700 nurses and physician assistants in the use of the new system.

To solve this problem, Dr. Su at CSUMB and her students, with the help from a few graduates, developed a set of online learning modules. In addition to developing the online learning system, the development team assisted with training and implementation.

Employees at Natividad can access the learning modules anytime and anywhere. This project reduces the off-work-training from 3 days to a half day, and therefore, decreases Natividad’s training cost up to 70%.

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